Proven Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate


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Conversion rate is the only metric that shows how healthy an eCommerce business is in winning customers. High volumes of traffic but lesser conversions indicate something is fundamentally wrong with the website. Maybe you are making such mistakes too. Here are some ways you can increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce store rapidly.

In this brief article, we are going to tell you some secret hacks that will skyrocket your conversion rates. If you are running an eCommerce store or are in the works on building one, these are hacks that you need to know and apply to outwit your competition.

All set? Ready to boost your conversion rates?

Let’s begin with your storefront and layout, because, that is where your customers first come before thinking of buying anything.

1. Website layout, colors and navigation

The website layout, the use of colors and ease of navigation can affect tremendous influence on the buying decision of the users. Here are some ways to tweak their mindset towards making a purchase.

Video banners

Replacing images with video banners on home page can increase conversion rates by 12.62%
~ VWO Blog

Lion share of the customer prefer watching a product video than scrolling down images endlessly to see, read and understand about the product. Videos can create a personal connect and enhance understanding better than written words or frozen images.

Ongoing deals

Pricing triggers like deals, promotional offers, etc. can cause customers to click on products and consider buying them. Showcasing previous price, discounted price and cost savings close to products can also help increase conversion rates. Further, create a sense of urgency in the customer by limiting the offer or deal validity to a nearby date.

A classic example of how to advertise deals for better conversions is as below:

offers and deals
Image Credit

Use of color psychology

93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be a key deciding factor in making a purchase.
~ Colorlabs Project Blog

Colors used in images, CTA and text can affect customer’s decision to buy or not buy a product. The choice of color should be made based on the product genre, intended target customer group and desired objective.

For instance bright and sold colors like yellow, red, blue, etc. are used for showcasing children products while material design, hues, gradients, etc. are used for adults. To help customers truly soak in the color theme, set the site layout and product background in white or lighter shades.

Here is how various brands used colors to their advantage:

Image Credit

2. Product photography and presentation

Take away the biggest con in online shopping – the lack of smell and touch with product photography and presentation. Here are some pointers on best practices for higher conversions.

Go Hi-res

There’s a reason why high-res images appeal to customers more than graphical images or designs of a product. Product images full of texture and detailing convince customers that they are buying something that is tangible, real and of great quality. So higher the product image clarity better the chance of conversion.

Show products from multiple-angles

Another hack to make your product images appeal to customers is to show them from multiple angles. Let’s assume you are selling a shoe. Don’t show it from the front alone. Show how it will look vertically, how detailed the soles are, how the laces are weaved and how the shoe looks if seen up close in an actual shoe store.

Image Credit

Incorporate videos

Product videos can help sales tremendously. Videos show visual proof of how good the product actually is, the several ways how it can be used and how to make the best use of it. If you thought creating a product video is expensive, be known that you create stunning product videos with just smartphone camera and gorilla tripods.

See how Zappos, the world’s favorite shoe destination sells more using product videos:

Image Credit

3. At the checkout page

In the end, everything boils down to making the customer pay. Here are some best practices you can implement on making the payment hurdle a breeze through affair for your customers. Be aware that this is where most online stores mess up, but you will not if you follow the below pointers.

Make it quick

67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned owing to several reasons like slow payment processing, lack of preferred payment option, security concerns, etc.

The key to reducing cart abandonment rates and improving conversion rates is to help customers get over the payment stage as soon as possible.

How to make payment easier?
Ask for minimal & essential information only
Assure customers that their information is safe
Offer instant customer support for payment related issues
Offer multiple payments mdes (COD, credit, debit, digital wallet, etc.)

Display trust seals

21% of online customers will not complete an online transaction fearing security concerns.

Trust seals, also referred to as trust badges are proof that all transactions carried out through your website is safe and immune to security threats. It is a known fact that customers who feel secure about dealing with an online store tend to buy more and even keep coming back for for repeated purchases.

A graph indicating the trust seals and how much composition of customers trust them from MonetizePros:

Image Credit

Secondly, make sure you invest in SSL certificates for HTTPS encryption. EV SSL Certificate will give your website a green address bar and padlock symbol which most online customers believe to be the epitome of cyber security. Needless to say, SSL certificates will go a long way in spiking your conversion rates.

Don’t present unexpected costs

Unexpected costs like shipping charges, packing costs, etc. can turn off your customer. In fact, such unexpected costs may even take out the very bargain for which the customer came to your store.

In case shipping costs or other charges are applicable, make it a point to publicize it prominently so that they customer stays informed about it since the very beginning. In such a scenario, the rate of conversion can be sustained without letting turn into another instance of cart abandonment.

Bringing it all together

The success of an online store is shown by its conversion rate. Higher the conversion rate, better the profitability of your business. From what we have said above, it is possible to improve conversion rates for your business without breaking the bank. All you need to do is to revisit your website layout, make it more user-friendly, improve security and help them complete transactions with ease.



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