Advisors 2018

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Dave Fish, CuriosityCX

Column: Closing the Gap Between CX Theory and Practice

Amanda Forshew, Customer Alignment

Column: The Aligned Experience

Ian Golding, Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd

Column: Making CX Change Happen

John Holland, CustomerCentric Selling®

Column: Selling to People Who Can Buy

Lynn Hunsaker, ClearAction

Column: How Customer-Centered Marketing Steps Up Your Performance and Influence

Gautam Mahajan, Customer Value Foundation

Column: Customer Value Creation

Nancy Porte, Verint

Column: A CX Practitioner’s Playbook

Bill Price, Antuit

Column: Applying Analytics to Improve Customer Service Experience

Ernan Roman, ERDM

Column: Innovation in Personalization and CX

Chris Ryan, Fusion Marketing Partners

Column: Revenue Growth Strategies

Krista Sheridan, TELUS

Column: How to Build a Culture that Empowers Your CX Vision

Barry Trailer, Sales Mastery

Column: Seller’s Challenge

Tony Ulwick, Strategyn

Column: How to Innovate Using Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory

Jeremy Watkin, FCR

Column: Service Excellence in the Contact Center — People and Technology

Thomas Wieberneit, aheadCRM/Epikonic

Column: Artificial Intelligence Trends and Applications