CustomerThink Hall of Fame Authors

On June 28, 2018, celebrated its 20th anniversary by recognizing five authors with its Hall of Fame award.

Out of nearly 3,000 registered authors, five were recognized for their long-term, outstanding contributions. Earning Hall of Fame status required at least five years contributing as an author, with a minimum of 100 published posts, at least 100 comments on those posts, and over 100,000 total views. The CustomerThink Hall of Fame honorees are (presented in alphabetical order):

  • Bob Hayes, PhD, Founder, Business Over Broadway
    A data scientist and author of several books on Voice of Customer analytics, Bob Hayes has generously shared his original research on customer loyalty metrics, data science skills, and AI/machine learning, aiming to help managers apply the scientific method to improving customer relationships
  • Graham Hill, Management Consultant, Optima Partners
    When blogging was introduced in 2007, Graham Hill led the way and became the community’s most prolific and influential CRM author. He challenges conventional thinking, providing food for thought to business executives contemplating using technology to catalyze changes in business operating models.
  • Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer, ClearAction Continuum
    One of the world’s top Customer Experience Management thought leaders, Lynn Hunsaker has decades of experience in management, consulting, and research. She has been a perennial top 10 author for the past decade, consistently providing fact-based and actionable content to help managers improve customer experience effectiveness.
  • Michael Lowenstein, PhD, Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy
    An author of seven books, Michael Lowenstein has been the community’s leading advocate for customer loyalty, a core issue from the very beginning on the community. His articles and blog posts help explain how to build a closer bond with customers and connect employee engagement with customer experience.
  • Andrew Rudin, Managing Principal, Contrary Domino
    In 15 years as an author Andrew Rudin has contributed hundreds of posts on sales, business development, and revenue risk management. In addition, he’s one of CustomerThink’s most prolific commenters, helping add value to other posts to sharpen thinking and action plans.

Each of these authors epitomizes our community’s culture of openly sharing thought leadership content and improving critical thinking to help business leaders succeed on their customer-centric journey.
— Bob Thompson, CustomerThink Founder

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