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The Secret to Customer Value Realization is High-Quality Preparation

Let me ask you some questions… Are your customers truly realizing the types of value from your products, services and/or solutions that they desire...

Market Survey: Best and Worst Tech Vendors Helping IT Through COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has created unprecedented disruptions in business as usual and IT has been one of the most heavily impacted organizations. IT has been asked...

Don’t Let the “Perfect Dataset” Be the Enemy of Good Customer Experience

Providing great customer experiences requires data. The good news? Over the past decade, enterprises have collected troves of customer data. The bad news? Many...

A Service-First Mindset is the Key to Rebounding from the Crisis with Customer Loyalty Intact

During these times of global health uncertainty and business unpredictability, keeping current customers is the top priority. The necessary shift from a “sales first”...

Think Tank Discussions

Should we be selling ‘solutions’ or outcomes?

Many sales methodologies claim to have a uniquely effective approach. Yet, and perhaps inevitably, each methodology has its strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. None of them can credibly claim that they offer a universal “one best way”.

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