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SAP to Acquire Qualtrics, Changing the Game for CX, CRM, and ERP Industries

Finally. That’s my first reaction to the news that SAP will acquire Qualtrics in a deal valued at $8 billion. It appears that as Qualtrics...

Top 5 Things Sales Professionals Want in a Sales Academy

Sales professionals have an ever-expanding array of digital tools at hand. However, these digital solutions are not helping to the extent many expected. In...

The Right Diagnosis is Crucial for Marketing and CX Improvement

A B2B software client was facing declining quarter-over-quarter sales. Their answer was to hire two additional sales reps. Unfortunately, the new reps were expensive...

Combating the ‘Amazon Effect’ to Close the Gap Between Customer Experiences and Expectations

The AMAZING is now the EXPECTED The age of the ‘expectation economy’ has turned what was once the amazing or unusual, into the expected. Can...

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Purpose-Driven Marketing Comes to Town

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) last week announced creation of a “Center for Brand Purpose” that will help companies publicize their social purpose. Confirming the worst stereotypes of marketers as cynical hucksters, the press release promotes its mission with the argument that “purpose-led brands grow two to three times faster than their competitors.”

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