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Macros Are an Essential Contact Center Tool… if Used Correctly. Here’s How

Macros, canned response, scripts, templates...call them what you want. They boast a number of benefits for contact centers handling text-based support channels like email,...

3 Ways to Obtain Customer Requirements for Support. No Surveys Required!

The foundational element to provide excellent customer service is to determine customer requirements for support. While many companies spend significant time and money to...

How Retailers Can Get a Competitive Edge with In-Store Customer Analytics

By Somraj Choudhary and Jasmine Sachdeva Now is a golden opportunity to make long-term investments The story of in-store analytics has been a long and expensive...

How to Fix Broken Digital Transformations: “Acts of Heroics” is Not a Viable Customer Experience Strategy

When it comes to the big launch of a customer-focused digital transformation program, such as building a new e-commerce site or revamping customer-service protocols,...

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CX…inside Customer Support?

Where is your CX function located? The more I found the answer to be “within the Customer Support organization,” the more puzzled I became. Isn’t the goal of CX, to a degree at least, to drive support out of business?

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