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When Disaster Strikes: 7 CX Rules to Build Loyalty

It was 1:00 am when we heard the blare of the Tornado sirens going off. "Dave, the sirens are going off!" my wife yelled from...

Debunking 6 Generative AI Myths Including “Bigger is Better”

By now it has probably been said a gazillion times that generative AI has taken our world by storm. What hasn't been said that...

CPG Study: Complaint Handling is More Challenging. Yet 40%+ Delight is Attainable

A new CCMC study of 8,500 respondents has found difficult-to-handle Covid/Supply Chain/Inflation issues have come to the fore along with more intense emotions and...

Improve CX Root Cause Analysis with AI and LLM: Five Steps to Take

We are hearing a lot these days about "getting to the root of the problem" including fixing Boeing's 737 jet problems and in the...

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How Much is Too Much? Navigating the Fine Line With AI-Driven Personalization

Generative AI (GenAI) has heralded a new era of personalized CX, but brands must be careful about where and how they use it. Too much personalization may feel intrusive to some, while too little can result in your brand missing opportunities to engage and connect with consumers.

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