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Transform or Die! Business Transformation is No Longer Optional

We live in a business world full of disruption. Whether you work in financial services, manufacturing, logistics or retail, no business today can ignore...

Using AI to Predict Needs and Deliver a Fluid CX

I am going to talk about two things that, at first, may seem unrelated: Artificial intelligence (AI) and empathy. To some, they might even...

Is Value Co-Creation Always Necessary?

Much has been written by experts on value co-creation. Some believe that without co-creation value cannot be provided. I have a view which is similar...

Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Washington: Who Really Suffers when Facebook Is Wrong?

In Wednesday's testimony before the combined Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees, Mark Zuckerberg exchanged the Silicon Valley startup uniform of tight-fitting t-shirt and hoodie...

Think Tank Discussions

Is your thought leadership really “thought followership”?

If you agree with my definition of thought leadership as something that causes the reader to think and act differently in some meaningful way, then the vast majority of this stream of lazy regurgitation is thought followership at best.


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