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Four Steps to Accelerate B2B CXM Maturity and Propel Stronger Growth

B2B customer experience governance can generate stronger growth when it's tied-in to the way that B2B ecosystems work. B2B firms often have dedicated sales...

How Frameworks Help Close the Experience Gap and Sustain Business Continuity

By Laura Patterson and Anand Thaker Companies who have experienced cyberattacks, data breaches, unplanned IT outages, interruption of utility supplies, adverse weather, or global economy...

How to Do Customer Journey Orchestration Right

A while ago I wrote a piece in which I asked to not manage the customers’ journeys for them but to instead embrace the...

Stop the Annual Do-You-Love-Us Survey: 16 Tactical Best Practices for Survey Execution

The annual relationship survey is dreaded in many companies by both executives and customers. In moments of candor, descriptions of “waste of time, puts...

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The CX Metrics Agnostic: Does it Matter Which Metric You Use?

So unless you are “results agnostic” and don’t care about the success of your CX efforts, the next time someone tells you they are CX metrics agnostic, shrug your shoulders and move on.

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