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How IKEA and Other Retailers Get Consumers to Buy on Brand Purpose, Not Just Products

Our desire to shop more purposefully and sustainably continues to grow. In fact, Sustainable Brands research shows that an overwhelming 88% of us would...

How to Engage with Prospects in a Remote Selling World

Budget cuts, requirement shifts, and staffing shortages have upended buyer behavior, causing deals to be put on hold and markets to shrink in size....

How Chatbots with Conversational AI Help Deliver a Great Service Experience

My last two articles of this column dealt with empowering sales, e-commerce and marketplaces and how to use them to increase business resilience by...

A Step-by-Step Field Guide for Building a CX Program: Plan, Know, and Do!

Much has been made about the lack of progress in CX and the impotency of ‘Insights’ in making a meaningful difference to the business....

Think Tank Discussions

The Flipside of “The Social Dilemma” – Analytics as the Hero

We see a lot of marketing and advertising on social media platforms – it’s the monetization model that fuels their business. But is the use of predictive analytics in all marketing and advertising related use cases bad?

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