Mobile App Development Ideas During Covid-19 Pandemic


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Mobile App Development companies can look into various opportunities and can deliver the best results to their customers or users even during the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. An application is easier to use and much better than a website.

Many start-up companies can come up with great ideas related to mobile app development of developing excellent applications for users. They can take advantage of such situations and can develop flawless, excellent applications that can hit the market.

Mobile App Development Ideas In The Midst Of COVID-19

The increasing reliance and the consequent growth of the mobile app market and hence can be seen as an opportune time to dive into the world of mobile app development.

E-commerce Apps

E-commerce apps had captured the consumer market way before the pandemic hit worldwide. The ongoing outbreak has only led to an unprecedented rise in their popularity. With the rise in the demands for basic necessities, these online apps are the ones that came to the rescue of the locked-down people inside their homes.

Pharmacy apps are a good way to start the association with e-commerce applications because pandemic or not, health is given a never-ending priority and is never going out of its niche and with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, its imperativeness is only going to rise. Hence, now is the best time to work on it and increase the reach and connect of doctors and pharmaceutical stores to people. A professional Android App Development Company can be hired to create these e-commerce apps.

Apart from the pharmacy store apps, another lucrative option now is grocery or food delivery apps. As people are becoming more reluctant to go out because of the susceptible rate of coronavirus cases and adhering to the restrictions mandated by the government, such apps can help in providing the necessary items of everyday use. Food delivery apps can, furthermore, help people who aren’t well-versed with cooking or could not go home due to the virus, by providing them with authentic, home-cooked food. While maintaining the hygiene quotient and following the government guidelines are of utmost importance, these kinds of apps are increasingly capturing the attention of the young and the old.

Fitness Apps

Because of the abundance of time in hand, people are becoming more conscious of their health and working towards bettering themselves which wasn’t possible before because of the lack of time. But with the lockdown, the gyms and other fitness centers also took a backseat. In addition to this, custom android app development services or similar services for iOS platforms can tie up with fitness startups to integrate within the app certain customized features that can provide actionable information like reminding to wash hands, cover the face while going out, etc. with notifications synced across devices or wearable watches et al.

Proper Diet App

A proper healthy, balanced diet improves our immune system and helps prevent and fight against diseases. So we need to consume proper meals to remain healthy and improve our immune system. So, this Proper Diet App should suggest to us proper healthy meals. We all know that immunity levels vary from person to person and our immune system changes over time. So there is a need to consume proper food based on our immunity levels. So, this app should also help us with suggesting or recommending a proper diet based on our immunity levels which we will provide in the app. We are all familiar with the famous quotation “Prevention is better than Cure”, hence it’s better to prevent health problems by maintaining a proper diet than to cure a disease when you get it.

Recreational Activities App

Because of the offices, workplaces, schools, and universities under lockdown, everyday life has become mundane and tedious, thereby increasing the popularity of gaming apps, movie-streaming apps, video-streaming apps, dating apps, social media apps, etc. The companies that provide Custom Android app development services can come up with the idea of developing this application that stand out from others and hit the market even during such situations.

Video Calling Apps

Video calling apps are also a great idea to build a startup around as the need to be in touch with near and dear ones has become important more than ever. Furthermore, with the prevalence of work from home, such apps can help in facilitating group video-conferences, etc. for the smooth functioning of the offices, which can also be used by teachers for imparting lectures to the students from the comfort of their own home, colleges can hold webinars or presentation of papers via such video calling application, researchers can use such platforms to be in touch with their respondents or supervisors, etc. thus making it a very attractive area to work upon.

Interactions Through Chatbots

Chatbots are another appealing domain especially, in times of COVID 19. It works as a quick way of assisting the interaction between the customers and sellers and works as an indispensable app in almost all mobile applications. As a virtual assistant, it resolves issues faced by either of the parties quickly as it bypasses the human interaction, thus consuming less time.

Mobile Payment Gateway Apps

An Android App Development Company can come up with this great idea of developing bill management and payment gateway applications. Online payment has captured the present economy as physical distancing has become the new norm, thereby making online payments the most preferred method of payment for almost everything. However, offering a great mobile app experience is the most significant task at hand in cases of such apps along with maintaining the iota of trust, safety, and security for the customers to increase the desirability of any such payment gateway apps.

Learning Apps

In the current situation, more people search for new things to learn in order to enhance their skill set. People are looking to progressing their knowledge from the comfort of their homes with the help of learning applications. Hence, many Mobile App Development services can now focus on developing such great learning applications. They can facilitate these apps with many features like audio features for correct pronunciation, video features like video lectures, online tutor classes, various test patterns for students to practice, revisions, etc.,

Cooking Apps

For those who keep a passion for cooking and always want to try new recipes, cooking apps will facilitate that. They can look into numerous recipes over the world and can try different dishes at their home. These apps have benefits of providing detailed step-by-step instructions while cooking.


Wrapping up, the ideas discussed above are just the tip of an iceberg as ideas for a startup are endless in number, and one can decide what would work the best for them as many variables have an influence on such decisions.We hope that the ideas discussed above can provide you with an insight into how to make the best use of this time to transform, start, or boost one’s business through the mobile app development services.

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  1. I agree with you that the e-commerce app has made a huge impact even before the pandemic happened. It is also true that fitness apps are starting to be appreciated since a lot of people are beginning to feel conscious about their health. Well, I believe that people who aspire to venture into this type of business must work with a development service that specializes in this industry because this will create more opportunities for them.


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