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Ivan Bojanic
With a background and combined twenty years’ experience in history, law, international postwar development, writing, and consumer research, Ivan has a natural desire to explore the connections between seemingly unrelated ideas, patterns and trends. He specializes in insight curation and secondary research, synthesizing complex and disparate resources on market phenomena into digestible, compelling, and actionable narratives.

In Times of Crisis, Choose Interaction Over Transaction

This blog post was written in concert with my colleague Valerie King, Content Writer, Marketing & Industry Engagement, Gongos, Inc. Years ago, a colleague worked...

Coming of Age During Crisis: How Gen Z Will Reshape the World as We Know It

This blog post was written in concert with my colleagues Lauren Burger, Senior Manager, Strategy & Implementation, and Amy Perifanos, Vice President, Strategy &...

Customization is the New Black: The Age of the Passive Consumer is Decidedly Over

{Blogger’s note: I’d like to credit and thank my colleague Susan Scarlet, Vice President, Strategic Branding for helping me bring this work to life.} Almost...

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