9 Ethical Ways To Convince Your Customer To Buy From You


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Sure, you might think that you have the best product or service in the world, but that doesn’t mean that your customer knows that. You may have developed this amazing thing you want to put out into the world, but that in and of itself does not convince customers to buy it. However, the good news of the day is that there are plenty of ethical ways that you can convince your customer to buy from you. Make sure to follow all of the following methods, as you would definitely not want to get into any legal troubles over selling your product to customers. Keep reading down below to learn more about how you can keep your business safe and grow your profits with new customers.

1. Always Provide Something More Than the Customer Expects

One of the easiest things that you can do to increase the number of customers you have is by offering bonuses with your products. Every consumer loves to see the company going the extra mile. Just providing a product or service is boring. It’s much more positive for the consumer to see you providing an extra bonus with the product that excites them.

For example, you can provide some free samples with each product that goes out. This will allow your consumers to see what else you are offering – for free! Or you can give a discount when they reach a certain level in your customer loyalty program.

2. Ensure That the Shipping Information Is Clear

One of the most important things in the consumer’s mind is when they are getting their product and how much they will have to pay for that shipping. If you want to increase the conversion rate from visitor to customer, then ensure that your shipping information is clearly laid out on the website. Nothing is more annoying to potential customers than finding out that they have to pay way more for shipping than they originally thought. Or that they are not going to get their product in the time-frame they originally expected.

3. Inform About Terms and Conditions

Whenever you are selling any product or service, it’s important that you have a high-quality set of terms and conditions that lay out everything a consumer should know when buying from you. This will ensure that they know their rights as a consumer and what you are protected from as a company. However, don’t make these terms and conditions super difficult to understand! Try to make them as simple as possible to increase the chances that consumers will actually read them and understand their rights.

4. And Your Privacy Policy!

Now more than ever, consumers are super protective over their private information. With the rise of the digital age, more and more people are losing their personal data to thieves on the Internet. Make sure your company’s privacy policy is simple and laid out for all consumers to see.

This is going to increase the chances that they will trust your company and actually push that “purchase” button. Plus, it will be beneficial for your company in longer run to provide the customers with helpful suggestions to get better benefits from the product or service they are paying for.

5. Try Out a Frequently Asked Questions Section on Your Site

This is actually one of the most requested services that consumers would like when searching around for a product or service. Especially in today’s digital age, consumers don’t want to have to call someone or search around too much to find the answers to their questions. Think about adding a FAQ section on your website where consumers can find the answers to all of their pressing questions.

You might not think that this is going to have that much of an impact on your customers, but they are going to be much more likely to buy what you’re offering when they’re 100% sure of what’s going on. Increasing purchase rate is all about decreasing the amount of uncertainty that customers have to deal with.

6. Make Sure to Have Appropriate and Clear Descriptions of What You Offer

Customers are always wanting to know exactly what they are buying before they put in their credit card information. This is something that should be pretty common sense to you if you’ve been running a business for a while. Even if you’ve ever bought something online – you want to know exactly what you are buying before you press the Purchase button, right?

The same goes with your potential customers. To increase the chances that your customers will buy what you are offering, detail out everything about the product. Everything should be accurate and give customer the best possible idea of what they’re shelling out their hard-earned money for. Do this for all your products whether you are repairing or even customizing customer’s vehicle and you will be surprised at how much of an impact this is going to have!

7. Make Sure Your Brand Is Known for Trustworthiness

If you have any kind of certificate or accreditation for your business, make sure to add that to your website or display at your store. You want your company and brand to be known for trustworthiness if you want to increase the amount of customers making the final purchase. These types of certificates are going to tell customers that you are a trustworthy company that really cares about their needs.

8. Be Reachable by All of Your Customers

A huge factor that you need to think about when increasing the number of customers who purchase your product is how reachable you are. Customers want to know that your company is reachable whenever something goes wrong or when they have questions. This includes being reachable on all social media platforms and having a robust customer service team that’s available 24/7 over email, IM, and the phone. When you do this, customers will know that they will get answers to their questions should anything come up.

9. Respond to Those Negative Reviews

And lastly, a big part about getting more customers to buy your products and increasing the trustworthiness of your brand is by responding to those negative reviews. On sites like Yelp and Google Reviews, there are going to be plenty of people writing about your company. If there are any particularly negative reviews that are up there, make sure you respond to them and try to solve whatever problem has been detailed. This is going to show other customers that you really care about their experience and what you are providing to them.

And there you have it! When you want to get more customers to buy from you, then these are the top ethical ways to go about that. Not only are each of these points ethical, they are pretty easy and affordable to implement in your company! Which strategy are you going to try out first?

Himanshu Agarwal
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