Engagement of Consumers in Entertainment Apps is Seeing a Rapid Growth


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The world is full of a lot of chaos, and now with the availability of smartphones, people want to have some exposure to entertainment in any way possible.
In these three to four years, the use of entertainment apps has seen a rapid increase. The competition has been growing a lot and that is because of how appreciative and liked these apps have become.

The major reason because of which these apps are seeing a rapid growth is because their sole purpose is the entertainment of the users and app development companies are aware of that. So their focus lies on making their content as visually appealing as possible. That attracts the users and engages them in their app.

The rise of entertainment apps is also because of the quality of the content that they produce. All the leading players in this sector produce exclusive and original content to grab the attention of the users.

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Over the years, this industry has seen major growth in terms of users and subscribers. One of the giants in the entertainment app industry, Netflix, that is a US based video streaming app had 117.6 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2017, as compared to the 33.27 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2012.
Another major player, Amazon Prime Video, also saw a significant rise in the number of subscribers in the last four years. Amazon Prime has approximately 90 million subscribers today compared to the 25 million subscribers they had in 2013. It has attained a 29.2% growth rate over the last five years.

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How Are These Apps Attaining The Market Of Television?

The substantial use of media and entertainment apps has completely transformed the pattern of viewing videos for the audience. Online streaming services have become more practical because they are affordable and cheap, hence gaining a hold over the audience.

For apps that are based on video streaming, the main element that can attract the users is the content, which is why they have to make it very creative and unique. The apps focus on bringing out original work which is in turn marking the development of this industry with better-featured content. Producing their own content is beneficial for entertainment apps in many ways.

Firstly, since the content is entirely their own work, the cost of buying rights or licensing gets minimized. Secondly, the users always prefer if they get to see something new. And thirdly, with these apps, the users can watch their favorite movies anytime they want, rather than having to wait for television to stream them.

Some of the examples of the original shows that have been produced by entertainment apps are “Stranger Things”, “13 Reasons Why” that are the original series of Netflix; “Bosch”, “Hand Dog” are the original series of Amazon Prime.

What are the benefits of Media and Entertainment apps?

These apps have fast streaming due to their content delivery network system, making it more efficient for the users. Also, convenience has become the sole reason why more than half of the apps are so used today. A major factor that drives the growth of entertainment apps is because of the convenience they provide. Users no longer have to rush back home to watch their favorite show. They don’t have to switch on the television now and again to watch the latest news or sports.

Everything is suitable and within the reach of their hand! From live news updates to films to original and exclusive video content, entertainment apps have it all, making them so widely liked.

What can these apps do to make their content more likable?

Breaking through the clutter in this entertainment app industry is not that simple, so there are some points that apps can take care of to help keep their work on the top.

1. Produce Unique Content– What keeps the users attracted is the quality of the content, so generating more original work would keep them involved in your app.
2. Focus on diversity– There is no particular group of people who watch video content. The audience is diverse and so should the content be. Don’t fixate yourself on generating one genre of content, widen your genres so that more people would engage in your app.
3. Keep a platform for content from outsiders– This is one of the very simple yet unique ways to generate exclusive content. Keep your app open to getting content from small writers who need a platform to publish their content, and feature it on your app. The availability of new content will enhance your reach. For instance, Netflix provides a platform for stories that are very unique and different, and that is one of the major reasons for its popularity of content.

Blending Technology With Entertainment

Developers are often seen bringing things that were otherwise impossible to the entertainment industry. With the technology of AR & VR sweeping in the entertainment sectors in the form of Virtual Reality movie theatres, or Augmented Reality televisions, the time is not far when the app industry also inculcate this technology completely.

A very big example of this is the “AR X AR” App, that is AR Rahman’s Augmented Reality app, in which the celebrity would be seen interacting with his fans in a complete live structure. In the form of selfies or videos, Rahman would be seen interacting with his fans on a personalized level, and that is taking the form of communication to a whole another level!


With entertainment apps paving their way through the market of the television industry, these apps are expected to see massive growth in the coming future.
More and more apps are trying to generate exclusive content, and that is driving the users towards them more. At this pace, it will not come as a surprise if the media and entertainment apps will take over the television industry completely in a few years.

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