Don’t Forget About the Enterprise


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of writing another post for Marketing Profs which I hope will get more people to think about social media and collaboration WITHIN the enterprise. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Oftentimes when we refer to social media we refer to how a brand can engage with customers or prospects to build relationships. These relationships are external facing; meaning brand to consumer, and are used for functions such as product development, customer service, increasing sales, and marketing. Through social media companies seek to understand and do things such as: empower their customers, collaborate with their customers and prospects, and gain actionable insight from their customers.A very similar type or relationship with collaboration, actionable insight, and empowerment also needs to happen internally WITHIN the enterprise; oftentimes called Enterprise 2.0, a termed coined by Andrew McAfee a few years back.”

If you want to check out the whole post (which I recommend you do), please visit Marketing Profs


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