Back to School …YEA or BOO?


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Can you feel the change in the air? Back to school time seems like a more important change in the season than the New Year. This time of year has an effect on our staff (Yea or Boo?) and that change is then passed along to our customers. What does back to school mean to your staff and how can we take this season and turn it into something that raises the spirits and assists in the quest for more effective customer service delivery?

Most of your employees are affected by the back to school season. The biggest factor may come in the relief to the need for summertime, fulltime childcare. There is a collective sigh of relief when we know that our children are taken care of in a positive environment. Celebrate the return of the big yellow bus? So put this in the YEA column.

Back to school creates a large expense for most families. New shoes, clothing and school supplies. Financial pressures create the stress that people bring to work and which is then passed along to customers. Sometimes in a subtle manner, sometimes not-so-subtle.

How have you made more of a YEA out of the back to school time? Share some ideas so we can leverage this change in the air into something productive.


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