9 Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Mobile Application


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An app developer or an app development company has made a lot of efforts to make an application. A team of professionals likes mobile app developers, designers, and many others. But, it is all worth it when the app is famous and makes a profit. More than money, an app developer wanted to be recognized.

Here, digital marketing comes into the picture. As technology has been advanced, everything goes digital. According to a survey, there are more than 5 billion mobile users and over 300 billion mobile applications to download in the market. For businesses, the number of potential users for a particular brand has increased business opportunities. With almost 70% of the global population having a smartphone, you can see that the future of mobile marketing lies with the apps.

With the improved use of social media and other online channels, there’s no doubting the actual fact that a serious piece of promoting strategy should be digital. Promoting an app on digital platforms plays an extremely important role in the success of the app. It involves various strategies and techniques to be followed so as to remain earlier than competitors.

1. Analysis Of The Audience

That’s the most basic yet effective idea. Know what your app is for and target audience according to the app. If you don’t know who is supposed to benefit most from using your app, then how the user supposed to know about it? You need to be transparent about your audience and target your marketing endeavors toward them. Be statistical, know the age group, their lifestyle, their social media habits, and other factors. Do not try to advertise it for all if the app is not for all.

2. Keep An Eye On Competitors

There is no workplace where there are no competitors. To ahead of something, you have to give competition. Keep an eye on your competitors, know what they are doing, how they are working. You should know what strategies they are following and what’s the difference between you and them. Your idea should be original and unique. If it’s not original, then at least try to be relevant. The application’s features, design, and other factors should be compared with other competitors.

3. Hire App Marketing Agencies

There’s a team of marketing who handled every single thing about your app. Hire mobile application marketing agencies. They will give you different and unique suggestions which will help to boost the app. The strategies could be anything, it could be on social media, or old-style marketing in newspapers, magazines, and other places.

4. Start Marketing Early

It is not necessary to start making a strategy only after the app is done. You can start making a marketing strategy before the app is available on the market. You can release things like video development diaries or engage with potential customers on social media, running polls and surveys to see what opinions they’d like to see combined.

As the date of release gets closer, you can boost your app marketing with a small teaser, trailers, memes, GIFs, and other video sources. This will help to build up curiosity and awareness among users.

5. Advertise With Influencers

Social media are the new branding of digital marketing. Influencers are the ones who are good at something and the people/user admire them like fashion influencers, food influencers, motivation influencers, and others. You need influencers to promote your products on social media platforms. The sponsored ad can be in the form of a video on Youtube, a blog post, a video or picture on Instagram, a tweet on Twitter. The influencer’s positive evaluation will bring users to the apps. Working with social media influencers would be cheaper than securing a celebrity endorsement.

6. Work On Your App Store Page

Your app store page is the first thing that the user observed. If there are some technical issue or some glitch, then the app is a waste. That will be considered as a negative impression. Over 50% of people who identify an app on the iOS or Google Play store have done so as a consequence of browsing through an app store itself. You must create a powerful store page. Think carefully about the title, keep your description short, crisp, and appealing. Come up with a catchy, pleasant icon.


Reviews are important for any business. It is useful that what users think about your app. It’s not surprising for customers to research their purchases, and apps are no different. If people enjoyed or find your app useful, then they will say about it. Even though many times, someone gives negative feedback about the app but instead of feeling bad about it, try to improve. Your own marketing and promotion of the advantages of a product are essential, but people already presume about you, the developer, to promote your product. Reach out to consumers and reviewers and get those positive reviews followed up.

8. Monitor Outcome

Just because your app is on the market and the app marketing is undertaken, that doesn’t mean your marketing part is over. Observe how people are reacting to the app, review the user feedback, accept what is in the box. Make sure you are committed to the app before launch and even after post-launch. This will attract customers and gain their trust.

Meanwhile, you could monitor the survey development from your marketing efforts. If you see that some strategies are producing more profits than others, such as videos, then put extra effort into that.

9. Last But Not Least SEO

In the new digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role. Lately, SEO has changed the game in branding. People started using hashtags and search engines to find more information about your app. To be on the top search engine, SEO is required. Not just for the website but for the mobile application development. Taking benefit of strong SEO practices will make sure that when people are trying to find that information, they can get to it quickly. A good SEO on videos, articles, tags, and others will boost your app, and your marketing will be more visible.

Final Thought

As the market is increasing, it is important to have digital marketing strategies to promote your mobile application. It will be time-consuming and will take lots of effort but it will be worth it in the end.


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