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Customer experience professionals need to embrace a new way of thinking

Blog post by on July 25, 2014

Today, customers expect personalized service, the ability to customize products to serve their unique needs, and immediate gratification. Essentially, customers expect the company to know them, recognize them, and anticipate their current and future needs. These customer expectations are having …

Uncorrelated Data

Blog post by on July 24, 2014

A few months ago I wrote about the Spurious Correlation Generator, a fun web page where you could discover pointless facts like the divorce rate in Maine is correlated to per-capita margarine consumption (who knew!). The other …

Visualizing complex relationships

Blog post by on July 23, 2014

The graphic above has been called the best statistical graphic ever drawn. It is Charles Minard’s infographic of Napoleon’s failed invasion of Russia in 1812-1813. It is ultimately a map overlaid with key facts about the campaign. …

Customer Data Deliver High Value Customer Experience

Blog post by on July 21, 2014

Customers have learned that in order to have a more customized experience they need to provide the data to drive those high-value communications and experiences. However, the burden is on marketers to become better in delivering on …

Satisfied Customer? Dissatisfied Customer?

Blog post by on July 17, 2014

Unmasking Customer Attitudes with Sentiment Detection“Customer sentiment” – a customer’s attitude toward a company, its products and services – has long been a highly valued indicator of business health. It’s not difficult to understand why: satisfied customers …

Most People Don’t Understand Sample Size

Blog post by on July 16, 2014

You’ve spent weeks working through the numbers to unpick what customers are saying. After checking through the data and analysing a range of root causes, you have created a really practical plan to solve a key customer …