Why Community Engagement and Awards Matter for Brand Reputation


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Making connections and feeling part of a community is vital – not only for the wellbeing of people, but also to boost brand health and longevity. Brands that contribute to stronger community ties and help to build links between groups locally, nationally, and internationally are benefitting from customers who feel included and have their voice heard.

Why Is Community Engagement Important?

Growing your business isn’t simply down to profit margins; it’s more strategic in terms of nurturing people and making a difference to the world we live in. Many businesses are recognizing the positive effects awards have on their brand with award events, such as the Consumers Choice Award by PissedConsumer, generating access to new opportunities.

Being at the forefront of your customers’ minds doesn’t just happen by accident. Forging closer associations through your products and customer experience are great ways to stand out from your competitors.

However, customers will truly appreciate and remember those powerful connections built through active participation in the communities that matter to them. In fact, 43% of global consumers opt to buy more from socially responsible organizations, even if it means that they need to pay more for their products or services.

With this in mind, companies that want to maintain robust, resilient customer relationships that continue to blossom should consider the ways that community engagement and customer awards help them enhance their consumer experience beyond measure.

Community Engagement and Brand Reputation Go Hand in Hand

Engaging where it matters for your customers enables your brand to develop and grow on multiple levels. There are some significant reasons why making meaningful contributions to social and community-based programs can drive increased brand awareness and trust.

Creates customer discovery

Evolving your online reputation takes more than delivering digital marketing campaigns. Customers want to know how your values align with theirs or if there is some mutual agreement on social, ecological, and community issues. According to a recent study, 78% of US consumers say a sustainable lifestyle is essential to them.

A current trend is that brands are sharing their sustainability goals more openly with customers in online forums and social media. As a result, consumers can see their values are being shared and supported by businesses they buy from, encouraging a closer relationship to continue over time.

This provides an opportunity for customer discovery, as being active participants in online communities, especially those that support ethical concerns close to customers’ hearts, enables you to delve into a deeper understanding of their needs and interests.

Customers who love your products and values are far more likely to become lifelong cheerleaders for your brand.

Builds brand awareness

Business growth is important to your ability to scale and achieve long-term stability. Supporting this aim, gaining public recognition for your community engagement efforts will also help you grow. People like the fact that you’re involved in their local community, supporting charity campaigns and making a difference in everyday life.

These aren’t the only benefits, as being more active community participants opens up opportunities to connect with local businesses and organizations who could be future partners or customers for your brand.

Enhanced visibility, greater brand acknowledgment, and the possibility for cross-promotional activity are all potential advantages of building relationships with important people and groups across your communities – both online and in-person.

Enhances customer loyalty

If you’re proactively taking a role in the improvement of people’s lives, whether it’s a charity event, support of an environmental issue, or standing up for consumer protection, your customers will positively respond.

Moreover, your brand name will be closely linked to activities that are transforming the community landscape. Therefore, customers will make that connection in their minds and remember you on their purchasing journey.

You will benefit from online and word of mouth recommendations and a more prominent public presence, all feeding into your compelling brand reputation and helping you build your team of loyal customers.

Focuses marketing strategy

Community activities allow you to directly engage with potential customers, which means you can find out exactly what they think of your products and services in a more immediate manner. Being on the ground to interact with customers gives you a unique opportunity to showcase products personally and gain instant feedback.

Once feedback is gathered, this can then be used to create a tailored and customized marketing strategy which takes into account the views of your customers and potential customers, thus helping them identify more closely with your brand.

How do Consumer Awards Impact Brand Reputation?

Gaining recognition for the great work your brand has achieved, both in product innovation and community work, is a strong way to boost brand visibility in your local area and online.

There are a number of consumer award organizations and programs aimed at creating recognition for companies that achieve high review ratings and success in resolving customer issues while improving customer satisfaction.

When brands consistently contribute to the communities around them, they not only experience improved brand visibility and stronger customer relationships, but they also have access to new opportunities that help secure a more robust future for their business.

Jane Grin
Jane Grin is a Director of Operations at Opinion Corp, customer service, and consumer advocacy company. She has been in the customer service area for 11 years and has gained extensive experience in communication with consumers and businesses. With such a background, she has come to her current position to oversee the daily activities of the business, and coordinate teams towards the result.