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As we all know, an identifiable and loving brand is one of the most valuable assets a company needs in the e-commerce digital world. That can be defined by a customer’s overall perception of your business intangible sum of a product’s attributes which are unique and targets a sector of the consumer market.

Brand building Vs SEO is nothing more than a battle of creativity vs. data-driven decision making.

“A brand is no more than the story that users call up when they think of you since this story is well made by a single contact point of a user’s experience.” Laura Busche

Brand developers vs. SEO Strategic thinkers

The brand manager is the one who responsible for brand integrity maintenance in company marketing initiatives and communications, and be able to manage a portfolio of products. They will play a major role in bringing the target new customers and developing marketing strategies.

SEO strategy planners’ most work part involves performing for analyzing, reviewing and executing the changes related to websites to get it optimized for the search engine. These experts help to create a thorough action plan using a continuous process of researching the trending and new search engine updates of core ranking algorithms.

Based on your end goal, the approach will be chosen. However, for most business types, the net profit is needed to be well since the merely likes and shares are insufficient in forwarding bills.

As per the Neilson survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands that are known to them. Since organic search can bring the most qualified and motivated customers who are most likely to convert buyers and return.

Social media and paid ads could be traffic generators, but they are not long-term creators inasmuch. You can observe the high bounce rates, even although the number of pages visited might be often very low. With user intent matching keywords, you can get present in many searches and once they come by to your site, they are more likely to stay.

What kind of journey customers has started?

Major part the web searches start with the consumer finding for a solution to their problems. They use product features to get what they’re looking for unless they know the exact brand and product they need.

The dissents between brand marketers and SEO strategists are reached by reducing a fundamental misunderstanding of how consumers search for products and find brands.

Take a look at this illustration:

Assume that you have an open-source auditing tool and your target audience is VPs or C-level executives working at different software firms.

What do you think such people will go for?

LinkedIn or Pinterest?

Your guess is right. No professionals would choose P-interest.

In such a way, when you run an interior decorating boutique targeting women in their mid-30s, Pinterest will work better for you.

Whenever, choosing a social media platform, firstly, figure out where your target audience is active.

SEO and Branding factors that make the brand bigger

At the current brand competition in the online environment, SEO turned into more important than evermore. Hence, see the result of how SEO for branding will be like:

Search and organize your branding keywords

The user queries that include the name of your brand or some variation of it can define the branded search. Since heretofore the user has research branded keywords will possibly intend to purchase from you about the brand.

Your business grows on many levels by getting a large number of branded searches. The brand search volume once increases; rankings for your non-branded keywords could go high all by itself. In other terms, when you appeared in a high volume of searches together with unbranded queries, Google could connect your brand with these keywords and make them highly relevant.

If we talk about branded search, there are different ways your customers are looking for you online. Check over some of them you should focus on:

  • Branded ROPO Challenges
  • Contenders’ branded keywords.
  • Browsing queries.
  • High attentive keywords.

Practice local SEO

As a consequence of precise location targeting, Local SEO is playing a huge role in local brands. This is one of the best approaches to drive branded traffic to your website. However, 46% of all search queries on Google possess local intent.

With an added focus on geo-targeting, the best SEO strategies need to implement. Be certain that local SEO is a long game that requires testing and optimization over time. Increase your traffic and conversions easily by examining a detailed SEO website audit for your brand searches that will help you to remain with your SEO plan.

  • Pay attention to the following local-SEO strategy:
  • Construct a mobile-friendly website design
  • Create local-schema to your website
  • Develop your page-load to maximize your results and revenue.
  • Include branded keywords to your landing pages, business description on Google local, business reviews, and localized content.
  • Make high-quality website by link building in your local area and niche

Make a bid on branded terms

If you decide to pay for branded keywords in preference of obtaining them organically, ought to be a smart move. It may seem illogical, but you know that clicks on paid search ads provide 2x more common for buyer-intent keywords. I mean to say that when they are searching for items online, almost 65% of the user could click on. Branded searchers have to consist of a bunch of intent in the form of the middle and bottom of the funnel traffic.

The reason behind on bid on brand terms is that your competitors are doing it. Targeting your audience by using branded keywords and heading your traffic to the welcoming pages of your competitors is the main goal.

Suppose if you search brands like PUMA, check out the following results.

Post content on quality websites

Todd Lasky from Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC says that “Sharing your thoughts, ideas and content on high-quality websites is the best practice to build your brand awareness, reach wider audiences, and increase traffic and conversions”.

What is more about the content contribution is positioning you, as an authoritative source of information and building credibility.

The basic concept of contributing is that you to should add prominence to website content and demonstrate your expertise. If you see guest contributions on authority websites like Fortune, where you can post guest blogs, it can drive people to learn more about your brand or product you included in your article.

Evaluate branded search traffic

Comprehend what percentage of your branded traffic you get could help you figure out to what extent, worked for your brand and how much it doesn’t, how much better ease your efforts in brand reputation management and just understand whether you are moving in the right direction.

Monitor the number of people enter your landing pages through brand terms, use a browser bookmark, SEO clicks and conversions per landing page for a specified timeframe through Google analytics. Check whether search volumes are increasing over time by Google Keyword Planner, which helps to track the volume of searches.

If you check for advanced website analytics, Finteza, whereof it’s a fine alternative to Goggle Analytics with a big focus on conversion optimization and monetization. One of its major features is the ability to analyze what type of keywords drive most clicks to your website, visualize tracked events, and find profitable traffic sources. Get the indication of changes in your brand recognition by monitoring all branded traffic over time.

The bottom line is?

Taking into account the above, you can feel that best branding feeds SEO and best SEO builds brands. No matter what position you take in this, without optimization for your organic and paid SEO to get branded searches, there is a possibility to lose a bunch of potential traffic and conversions.

In some perspectives, maybe branded searches can be the last touchpoint for customers who are ready to purchase your product or service.

Think you are adequately informed about the branding and strategic planning differences and role well. So, discover the steady that gets the best results for your brand awareness and provides a better experience to your target audience.

All you gotta do is placing all together build a trustworthy and authoritative brand online.

Nagendra Bommasani
I am founder/researcher/ analyst, interested in creating big trends in Digital Marketing and web technologies. More than a development, a niche idea - seeing it transformed to output with perfect implementation gives me the boost to indulge in complex projects. Coming out of the cocoon of Comfort Zone gave me challenges as well as laurels.


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