The Future is Bright


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I am sure you all remember my blog from a couple of weeks ago where I wrote about the results of a recent study we conducted that found companies plan to increase hiring. This study was conducted in Indiana only. I just happened to read another company has confirmed what we found across the nation.

This study is an ongoing study by Manpower and they have been tracking the employee outlook for a number of years. They calculate what is called the Net Employment Outlook, which is the percent that say they are going to increase hiring minus the percent that are going to decrease hiring. The Net Employment Outlook is at 10% which is the first time it has been in the double digits since Q1 of 2008. This also marks a considerable jump from the low of -2% in 2009.

A few other interesting findings:

-All industries had a positive Net Employment Outlook

-18% of companies said they were going to increase hiring

-For those of you in North Dakota, the future is especially bright with an outlook of 26%, the highest of all states and a jump of 14%

-The states with the most positive Net Employment Outlook after North Dakota are Alaska, Vermont, Delaware, and Oklahoma

As I mentioned in my previous blog, not everyone they are hiring are people who are unemployed. There will be some pirating of talent from other companies. This is why having employee loyalty is so critical right now. Employees are more likely to resist offers from other companies when they have high degrees of employee engagement. How do you improve employee engagement? The answer is simple, ask the employees. I have found when employees feel responses will be kept confidential, they will be pretty open and honest about what could be improved. However, I only recommend that you take the time to ask employees if you are willing to take action on the results, otherwise you could do more harm than good.


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