Is Artificial Intelligence the Avengers of the Web Analytics Universe


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When we talk about Artificial intelligence, we immediately recollect the science fiction blockbuster movies of the ’80s and ’90s like the Terminator, the Fifth Element and AI. These movies set a pathway for future scientists who have then researched the possibilities of simulating human behavior in robots. But back then, there was no concept of Big data processing which is vital for machine learning since there has to be huge processing of data as responses to different human emotions.

Big data–the Answer to Machine Learning

When the technology matured with respect to Big data processing, it opened up infinite possibilities of applications of Artificial intelligence. Autonomous cars, AI chatbots, and AI enabled security checks, are some of the recent advents in the field of AI and machine learning. Deep learning is the imitation of Human neurological system into a machine. You being the marketer and business owner of this century, need to tap on the latest trends that now makes use of Big data analysis to web analytics.

Big data is the foundation for machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Web analytics has traditionally analyzed the inflow of the visitors as hits. But that never gave the real picture of the conversions. Thankfully, the technology of web analytics has evolved over the past 5 years, and users can now make use of AI and machine learning to study patterns of site browsing by visitors, and automatically decide on the next steps of improvement over the current model.

Should you use Machine learning with Web Analytics?

The answer is definitely Yes! Websites often have huge traffic, but fail to convert them into real sale numbers. You will find people engaged with your brand, but a significant gap in sales. Machine learning helps you to study the patterns of human behavior and how it can be correlated with data. This data is analyzed using complex web analytics tools, to give you the desired results.

Fortunately, apps give you that edge when it comes to web Analytics using machine learning. The tool studies human web behavior and bifurcates them into actual buyers and browsers.

Machine learning enabled Web Analytics gives you an edge to pre-empt what your users are looking for. Various Travel sites use AI to predict what would be the preferable travel destinations that tourists shall book next year, and even chat bots which execute autonomous responses for your queries regarding your next travel. Near Accurate predictions is helping weather departments pre-empt the adverse weather conditions. Farmers are using machine learning to understand future weather and soil conditions and plan the crops.

Smartphones and Web browsing- An evolution of users and data

The applications of machine learning are limitless. With the advent of smartphones, mobile browsing has increased many folds compared to how it was back in 2005. The introduction of the iPhone is considered as one of the most significant milestones in the history of Smartphones. It pioneered user experience and the first advent of high-quality media web-browsing using touch interface. 12 years on, we now have smartphones that are significantly more capable than a desktop back then.

Websites were not only limited to desktops and laptops anymore. The applications and the OS used in smartphones have now evolved and have aids, which provide marketers with user-data about their preferences in websites and browsing. Internet of Things is considered as the next biggest revolution since the internet. Machine learning gathers user data from different smartphones and their specific browsing behavior and gives an overall picture about the average time a user spends on a site, and filter out the “bouncers” (people to open a link and then immediately close the same before recording it as an organic click.

Cookies are files in a computer or a smartphone, that is stored on request from the browser, that sometimes has essential information like products in the cart, favorite pages, and even authentication data. With permission from the users now mandated to be declared by the website, companies have the data access for their assessment and analysis for their websites.

Are We There Yet?

We are working towards using AI and machine learning to aid us in understanding our world better. But we need to still make enormous research to barely be able to understand the effects of AI on our day to day activities, and where do we draw a line.

In the recent case, Facebook had to pull the plug off their AI project, when it started to learn about the history to present and began making its own alternative future predictions at a rate much faster than originally programmed.
The present age of AI is just the input of specified commands for a machine to learn and adapt. The field is yet to be explored and hence it presents numerous opportunities and applications with respect to web analytics and ultimately contribute towards the growth of your business.

Haris Saeed
An experienced professional with more than 9 years of working experience and a performance leader in internet technologies, including -Web Research, Analysis and Architecture Search Engine Optimization.


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