Gambling, Social Media and Your Brand.


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I am reading more and more posts, articles, comments on the subject of social media and ROI. People are saying: forget about ROI – just do social media, you may hit it…Hit it big! This reminds me a lot about my expectations when I put a bet in Vegas. Put money in – you may hit a jackpot!

Well, social media is NOT gambling. When your company is investing time and money in online activities it has to be able to justify why.

Companies and people who suggest that there is no ROI on social media/networking investments need to admit – they just do not know what and how to measure. What to look for, how to assess and how to interpret the results.

We’ll talk more about how to measure the results of your brand’s online activities at the upcoming meetup on February 9. Our speaker – Jon Samsel – is an expert in this field and he’ll explain that there are tools and methods that could be used to measure and assess your brand’s online activities and it’s relatively easy to do.

Do you want to continue gambling? I think I know the answer. Then learn how to measure!


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