Has Social Media Hype Distracted Managers from Delivering Experiences that Matter? Inside Scoop with Bruce Temkin


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Bob Thompson interviews Bruce Temkin, a thought leader in Customer Experience Management, about his new report, The Current State of Customer Experience.

Topics include:

  • Why is the customer experience important… to the CEO?
  • Which companies are doing a truly excellent job on customer experience and reaping the rewards?
  • Why is that true customer-centricity is so hard to achieve? (3% truly customer-centric, 33% oblivious)
  • Which of the four customer experience competencies (Purposeful Leadership, Customer Connectedness, Compelling Brand Values, Employee Engagement) is the most challenging?
  • Despite heated debate and some technical limitations, NPS seems to be catching on as a key metric. Is this a good thing?
  • Has social media hype distracted managers from delivering the products and experiences that customers really want?


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