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Prashanth VK
Prashanth (a.k.a PVK) is the head of market strategy and thought leadership for the CX product group at Zoho. He has been with Zoho for 10 years and led worldwide marketing for the customer service and contact center categories before. He's passionate about CX, technology, design, history, trivia, and travel. When he's not at the office, he's probably working from home, like everyone else!

Training, Coaching, Mentoring: The Development Framework for Employees to Deliver Better CX

Close your eyes and think about the most recent positive experience you had as a customer. Dig into your memory about that experience. I...

Four Ways The Metaverse Is Going To Change The Way We Think About CX

Another year, and another exciting week for technology enthusiasts, such as myself, when CES unfolds in the beginning of January. Despite a string of...

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