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Noreen Seebacher
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Noreen Seebacher is an experienced business writer, editor, reporter and manager. She has a keen interest in customer experience across verticals and the ways companies are adapting to remain relevant in the digital era.

Gartner Says Experience Is the ‘Watchword of Our Age’

Customer experience (CX) has gained unbelievable cachet in recent years. But it's proven more meaningful in theory than practice, as anyone who has purchased a...

Retailers: It’s Time to Abandon the Sea of Sameness

Retailers are drowning a proverbial "sea of sameness" — or what academics might call homogenous retail agglomeration. Too often, clusters of retail stores in shopping...

Reimagining Retail: Why Experience Is the Key to Survival

Nothing drives home the retail apocalypse more than a millennial in pajamas, using her phone to simultaneously search for a swimsuit, a formal gown,...

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