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Evelyn Timson
Evelyn Timson is Managing Director of UK video marketing company Aspect Film and Video and has worked with well known international brands like Coca Cola, Samsung, Microsoft and British Library and National Trust in the UK. To see a selection of Aspect's award winning videos check out their YouTube Channel.

The Help Hub Hero Methodology in Content Marketing

Consumers are more in tune with advertising practices and old fashioned sales hooks than ever before. As today’s digitally literate consumers become increasingly cynical...

Leaving an Impression: Why Animation is the Video Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Animation isn’t a new form or marketing but improvements in software, hardware and the emergence of the internet as a marketing medium has certainly...

The Art of Storytelling in Video Marketing

When Richard Branson - one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen on the planet - was hospitalised in a cycling accident, we’d have...

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