5 Reasons Why Every Enterprise Should Have a Team Chat App


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The internet has given us several causes to rejoice in recent times, with smartphones, instant messaging platforms, and even social media. It’s now possible to hold a meeting with team members who are thousands of miles away, within seconds. The concept of enterprise app development has advanced rapidly and the functionalities are helping businesses all over the world meet their goals. Let’s review some ways where this is achieved.

1. Instant Responses to Messages

Research has shown that when messages are sent through a team chat app, the instant rate of response increases by 95%. In essence, if you want to get speedy responses to your queries, if you want to avoid excuses and unnecessary delays in incorporating suggestions, you should have an enterprise team chat app.

With this kind of app, every message is regarded as urgent. In fact, you can contact a mobile development company to develop the app such that the user is unable to carry on with any other activity on the desktop if there’s an unattended task or an unread message. This way, you know that the employee has no excuse and you can move ahead, enhancing productivity to the maximum level.

2. Important Information is Safeguarded

The walls have ears, very wide ones at that. It is not entirely safe to go on discussing plans on how to move the company forward or strategies to usurp competition on other platforms. It is certainly not ideal to store directories of clients or other personal information about your business on these messaging platforms.
It is best to have a mobile development company that can help you create a stunning team chat app with advanced security as the backbone. This way, you know there’s no third party creeping up on your messages, no competition stalking your database, and no means of losing vital information to fraudulent internet users.

3. Improves Organization and Documentation

When you begin a mobile app development project, it’s important to visualize the end from the beginning. What does this mean? Since the team chat app will be dedicated solely to conversations revolving around the organization, other forms of distractions should be eliminated. Imagine having conversations about the growing the company on Facebook and the other employee sees the video of a cute puppy trying to drink milk with its paws tied behind it. Tragic, right?

Your conversations can be threaded smartly on an enterprise team chat app if you do well to inform the mobile development company of your needs at the start. Perhaps you’re having a conversation about sales, you can set up a thread which details the advertisements, the campaigns, and other topics relating to sales. This greatly helps in documentation and every member of the team has access to the important information.

4. Helps Employees Focus on the Task at Hand

In a recently concluded survey, about 65% of employees admitted that they carry out personal activities on the company’s time using the company’s resource. Although many of them do not intend to, they find themselves resorting to it out of impulse. Let’s say they open their mail to work on an ongoing project, they might see an ad which promises them free Netflix subscription for a month. And then, they complete surveys upon surveys and then realize that it’s too late to finish up on that project they meant to complete. This can be avoided.

5. Keeps Employees from Being Overwhelmed

Admit it, when you open your WhatsApp or your Telegram and you find about 100 new messages from different people, you might be tempted to just close the app and lay your head on the bed. Sadly, those messages keep piling up and it becomes even more intractable. You might just end up leaving the whole thing or worse, you rush through the messages.

But think of an enterprise app development project which sorts the messages into the ‘Urgent’, ‘ASAP’, and ‘For Later’ category. This will help the employee always give their best to any message. Also, this team chat app will only contain messages from staff and as such, it won’t be as overwhelming as it was when a generic means of communication was employed.

When you’re considering embarking on an enterprise app development project, what else do you need to know? There are some factors which you must emphasize during correspondence with a mobile development company, some of them are highlighted below.

Factors to Consider When Building a Team Chat App:

1. Ease of Use

If your company does not comprise tech-savvy employees, you are advised to go for a team chat app which is extremely easy to use. Eliminate the complex functions and keep it as simple as you can. If you don’t, expect your employees to slack off and blame it on the confusing nature of the app developed.

2. Secure and Reliable Storage System

Make sure you go for a model which offers maximum security from theft, phishing, and other forms of cyber-attack. This will not only save you the cost and stress of loss of sensitive info, it will build the trust of your employees and make them share optimal information.

3. Compatibility

Is the team app compatible with your secretary’s tablet? Does it work well with your manager’s blackberry? The key is just to minimize any chance of complaints.

4. Desktop to Mobile Synchronization
The major reason for a team chat app is to allow unbridled access to one another and we know that employees aren’t always on their PCs. As such, the app should also work with mobile phones.

5. Enterprise-Based Tools

Can you schedule and monitor meetings? These are important questions to ask your mobile app development company and it’s even more important to ensure that these functions are easy to work with.


Many businesses all over the world are eliminating bottlenecks and moving on to develop applications which connect employees more and foster camaraderie in the work environment. When you’re ready to create a Chat App for your company, be sure to contact us at Dedicated Developers, and we’ll create the perfect app that exactly suits your company needs.

Vishal Bhatia
Vishal Bhatia is an international pioneer and expert innovator in the field of outsourced web, software, and mobile application development. In the last decade as the CEO and Co-founder of Dedicated Developers, he has successfully partnered on development projects with over 320 technology companies from 12 different countries to bring their web and mobile application ideas to life. His passionate team at Dedicated Developers is revolutionizing the outsourcing industry by cost-effectively aligning technology strategies focused on fueling business growth.


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