10 Powerful Video Marketing Tips For Better ROI


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Putting in time, efforts, and money and not getting the desired results can be really frustrating. You have possibly created the best video as per your knowledge, but something surely went wrong. So what could be the potential reason that your videos are not getting you the results you invested in them for. Why is your video not getting the right ROI? But before we jump to that, let’s see how a video’s return on investment or ROI is measured.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Video?

There are certain metrics that can prove to be relevant, depending on the goal you’d like to achieve through your video. The metrics for measuring a ROI for any video can be:

-Social shares
-View count
-Conversion rates with respect to the total cost

These are the figures that will tell you if your video is working or not. So when you monitor these metrics you will know something is not right if any of these are compromised. But the question is how can a video that has so much of your efforts, creativity, thought and money not get you the desired ROI? If facts are to be considered,“marketers who opt for video marketing, get 66% more qualified leads every year, than the others”. This means that it’s not about what you upload, it’s about the strategy that you implement for the video.

When you consider uploading a video that you have finely created, what platforms do you consider? It is very important for every marketer to understand that creating high-quality videos is just getting half the job done. To have an ROI worth admiring, you need to take care of the smallest of the details so that there’s no room for flaw. Your video must fit within the leading social network because they will drive you to your marketing goals, eventually taking you towards your aim. Let’s check out the video platforms that you need for the right marketing, apart from your own website.

Platforms That Are Right for Your Video and The Right ROI


You can add videos to your Twitter handle and connect it to your landing page. Remember, you got to keep the video short and sweet because Twitter is a microblogging platform. As per SocialMediaToday, there are around 1.2 billion video views on Twitter per day, which makes video the fastest-growing advertising option of the platform.

-Facebook and Instagram

People from almost every walk of life are using Facebook. And the millennials are inclined towards Instagram. Make sure that your video is compatible with these platforms. You can choose an explainer video if you like for this very reason. And most importantly, make sure that they do well even without an audio. Not that you shouldn’t be adding audio, but silent auto-play strategy is what Facebook offers, so you must be prepared for that.


After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine that exists, with over 1,300,000,000 users. On an average,5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day, and it receives over 30 million visitors each day. Is your video worth the watch? Does it have the needed prospects to reach the viewers? Well there are a few tips that have to be considered for this platform. And other platforms like LinkedIn and Vimeo, for getting an enhanced ROI. Have a look:

Tips to Get You Better ROI on Your Video:

1. Know When to Post Your Video

Never post your video at a random time. Your audience anticipates customary content updates, so it’s essential to think about it. Consider stories that you can tell and break them into different parts, posting another update every week.

After you’ve set up the content of your videos, make a plan. Setting up and keeping up a reliable posting timetable will urge your crowd to return for additional videos.
Keep on actualizing new strategies as indicated by your plan and keep your crowd occupied with your content. This will likewise assist with setting up your business as an innovator in your industry in the event that you post steady, accommodating video content. When your audience is occupied with your video content, it means that your content inducts curiosity, ultimately driving you towards your marketing goals and a better ROI.

2. Make SEO Your Friend

This can turn out to be the most crucial step for attaining great results. Creating a stunning video with a snappy title that pulls individuals in is just a large portion of the fight. Make sure that you have the right keywords. And a perfect video description. It tells the search engines about your video. You can refer to many SEO practices that are designed especially for video marketing. SEO can help you a great deal in attracting new customers by increasing your brand’s visibility. This way you get to spend less and earn more, leading to a better ROI.

3. Add PPC Ads

Pay-per-click or PPC ads can be used. Make your video as per a PPC ad. It will grab you more engagement and will convince the viewers to click on the video. If your paid video ads perform well, which means that you will have to place them smartly, then you will surely have higher leads with less amount spent.

4. Incorporate Instructional Exercises and Demos

Show how your product or service can help solve a problem for the viewer.

On the off chance that somebody has an inquiry concerning the service you offer or your brand, or product, they can see your videos before buying. For instance, on the off chance that I need to purchase a laptop, I can go on the web and look at surveys and video demos from mainstream brands. At that point, I can more readily look at the highlights and pick the best laptop for me.

Instructional exercises, unboxing and demos can facilitate clients’ interests and assist them with feeling certain about their choice to buy a specific item or administration. This will assist with changing over a greater amount of your site guests into fulfilled clients, thus gaining you better returns.

5. Recount Stories

Stories reel you in and keep you as eager and anxious as ever.

Fusing stories into your video content is an extraordinary method to improve watcher commitment. As opposed to just presenting your organization, your strategy, your items, search for approaches to recount stories with your videos. How does your organization sway your customers? Is it accurate to say that you are having any kind of effect in the network? Build up your story, and use videos to impart it to your crowd. Once that is done, the goal of your video is complete, which means your investment in the video is sufficed.

6. Define Yourself

Your videos are an extraordinary opportunity to feature your organization’s culture. Individuals would prefer not to watch exhausting videos. They are bound to watch videos that are drawing in and loaded with character.

Consider what separates your business, and feature that in your videos. Try not to sit around idly making videos that don’t do your organization equity. Your videos should define and market you, it will get you an emotional connect and sales.

7. Consolidate Client Produced Content

Individuals love seeing themselves in videos, so why not make your clients the superstars? You can urge them to make videos while utilizing your items and administrations, at that point present those videos on your web-based life profiles and site.

At the point when individuals see themselves in the videos, they will probably impart them to loved ones. What’s more, every time somebody shares one of your videos, your image will pick up a presentation in the news feeds of a wide crowd of individuals.

8. CTA is Important

Remember, more than 80% of online users opt for video content, hence CTA is important. On the off chance that you need somebody to visit your site or tail you via web-based networking media, let them know.

In the event that somebody is talking in the video, they can without much of a stretch educate watchers to make an ideal move. You can likewise remember text for your videos that connects to your site and urges watchers to look at it for more data.

Clients may make the most of your video, yet in the event that they have no clue about what to do after they watch it, you might be dumping time and cash.

9. Optimize

Did you realize that Google records YouTube videos? So when somebody looks for your image and a specific expression, you have the chance to appear on various occasions in a similar inquiry.

Have a keen interest and concern towards keywords. Also, you can add abbreviated connections with invitations to take action that urge individuals to visit your site or a presentation page with an uncommon offer.

You can likewise exploit YouTube’s labeling highlight, which decides the pertinence of your videos and gatherings comparative videos together. This will enable your video to show up as a “related video” when watchers watch comparative content. Hence, optimizing your video will drive you the right results.

10. Assess the Results

Evaluate what your video has given you.

There exist numerous analyzing tools that can give you a thought of how your videos are performing. You can utilize this examination to investigate measurements, for example, the hours of video is played and the level of guests who tapped the play button.

Also, you can coordinate your videos on your site and screen the outcomes with Google Examination. This will empower you to get an indistinguishable degree of knowledge with your videos from the entirety of the other content on your site.

Video has increased an enormous measure of force in the realm of advertising, and it’s not expected to lose foothold soon. All you have to do is hit your video with the right strategy for marketing.

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal is the Co-Founder and CEO of the explainer video company MotionGility. She is an expert in Video production strategies helping individuals and small to enterprise-level companies by providing smart solutions such as Explainer Video, Whiteboard Video, Educational Video, and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership, you can contact us at [email protected].


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