The Whole New World Of Voice Recognition Technology For CRM Platforms


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We all spend a considerable amount of our time talking to our gadgets these days. Whether we are looking for weather updates from Siri or directions from Alexa, speech is becoming the mode of preferred communication with modern technology. A future that even in the recent past was at our fingertips now dwells on the tip of our tongue.
The steady growth of voice activation technology does not just cater to fun-tools for our private life, but of late, this technology is also playing an increasingly pivotal role in our professional world. And that extends more as of date to the small and medium business space.

To be more precise, voice activation technology is now helping small and medium-sized businesses use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with enhanced speed and efficiency, which makes this burgeoning feature consequentially become a game changer in an arena where tech-savviest players score over others.

Here are a few tips on how voice activation technology can help your CRM perform to its advantage:

Voice Activation For Reducing Time

Voice activation technology is increasingly becoming a time-saver tool for professionals using CRM.

Implementing voice activation in a CRM help users to interact with data in a more targeted way, which implies, bypassing irrelevant information and arrive directly at the data that the users are seeking. Using this bleeding edge technology, a time-crunched sales rep can easily say- “Alexa, open ConvergeHub and retrieve Patrick Small’s emails”, rather than going through the gruesome process of manually opening the CRM platform to physically retrieve the information.

Speech-to-text technology can also be an excellent time-saving tool for data entry. This technology can help in getting around the costly and mundane repetitive task of manually inputting data into the system, as now CRM users can rely on software to submit information via speech. For example, it is a known fact that an average CRM user types 50-70 words per minute, however, according to a Stanford study it has been found that using speech recognition technology while working on a CRM one can comfortably accommodate 120-140 words per minute, and that too with near-perfect exactitude. Which means it is nearly 3 times faster than typing on any handheld device or a phone.

Voice Activation For Scaling Down

According to another article published by Park Associates, nearly 40% of smartphone owners use voice recognition technology nowadays in their day-to-day lives. Hence, it is very natural that owners of small and medium businesses will also like to use the benefits of voice activation in their professional sphere. Actually, small organizations are often in better positioned for adopting and experimenting with new technologies on the fly than larger enterprises, those who have to abide by longer approvals, researches and stringent implementation processes.

The early stage CRMs will consist of a primary integration with popular virtual assistants like Google Home, Amazon Echo, AppleHomePod and others. This will allow CRM users to ease into this cutting edge up-and-coming technology by mastering the basic skills, paving their learning curve as voice activation technology will become more sophisticated in the days to come.

Additionally, as businesses will expand on their reliance on voice activation more heavily, they will find that there is no necessity to work on a full-blown CRM platform but find solace in using scaled down versions of the CRM, as they can just rely on spoken words to complete any task.

What Is Next?

It is true that the greatest advantages of using voice-activated CRM are yet to come. However, we can remain sure that the basic voice interaction tools will continue to appear in 2018 and even beyond, as this technology is expected to become more refined over time.

It is really mind-bending to think how sophisticated CRM-related AI (Artificial Intelligence) will become, as it is on the news that an Israeli startup has recently received $20 million funding to develop a tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing technology to help suggest information and train sales and customer support reps.
Mainstreaming of such technologies will definitely aid small and medium businesses to take advantage of the processing power that multinational giants like IBM, Amazon, and others are investing on. It is believed that the speech recognition technology market will very soon reach $10 billion by 2022, which translates to a lot of value for small and medium businesses.

In the backdrop of this upcoming technological breakthrough, CRM users will soon be able to set up activities, interact with emails and even ask for AI-driven recommendations on the next best customer interaction to initiate. With benefits like huge productivity gains and experiments with lesser risks, CRM users within the next few years will be able to accomplish all these tasks by verbalizing a sentence or two, allowing smaller organizations to adapt faster to the CRM plans.


Keyboards are going nowhere. However, CRM voice activation is arriving fast and finding optimal ways to have your small business take advantage of this newfound technology to drive more meaningful customer interactions that can foretell a huge impact on your bottom line and organizational growth.

So drink a hot flush of honey and tea because you may need to rejuvenate your vocal cords for using those pipes at your office working on a CRM, before long.

Manash Chaudhuri
Manash Chaudhuri is a co-founder of ConvergeHub, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Holding more than 19 years of experience in Operations, Sales and Project Management, his company's CRM product has been positioned as the #1 Easiest Converged CRM for SMB and has been successively nominated twice in CRM Idol competition.



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