Reducing Errors Through Technology to Boost Satisfaction


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Errors, especially in the medical field, can have dire consequences. Satisfaction in almost every field requires a service to be rendered without errors. Even shipping the wrong package to a customer can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Technology, especially big data, has been able to help businesses reduce errors in the workplace.

The reduction of errors can help:

  • Reduce accidents
  • Improve safety
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Big Data and Its Role on Reducing Errors

Big data is able to reduce errors, but it needs to be able to be interpreted properly for big data to be effective. What this means is that the data, in its raw form, is not enough to provide businesses with a reduction in errors.

When software and technology are incorporated into big data, it’s possible to reduce errors.

Medication errors in the United States have hit 3.8 million during hospital admissions only. Reducing these errors could save over 7,000 lives per year.

Healthcare is a key candidate for big data because there is so much documentation available and created for patients. For example, a patient having an MRI done may receive dozens of different diagnoses. Radiologists averaged 12 errors each in one study, but with big data solutions, it’s possible to match the person’s condition with hundreds of other patients to narrow down the diagnosis.

It’s possible to reduce errors and provide better care.

Bar codes are also being placed on a bracelet for patients, and the code is scanned every time that medication is being administered. These bracelets ensure that the proper medication is being administered to the right patient.

The bar codes also track medication dosages and if a dosage is missed.

It’s a way to reduce errors in the medical field, minimizing costly lawsuits and even boosting patient satisfaction in the process.

Cloud Technology and Apps Fill the Gap

Rushing off to a potential job often leads to vital information being overlooked. A contractor may have an address but forget the potential client’s information or what the client wanted to have done on their home.

Calling a potential client by the wrong name can cost the contractor the job.

Forgetting key details about the job can also lead to errors. Cloud technology and apps allow contractors and business professionals to access:

  • CRM systems to view customer information and notes
  • Access databases with customer questions and job details
  • Safety apps and information to ensure that no injuries occur on-the-job

Apps are available, too that allow the contractor to make sure that the work is performed to the latest standards and code. The goal is to be able to reduce errors on the company’s end and improve satisfaction for the customer.

Error reduction can save businesses money and clients.

Technology is just one step in the process. Proper employee training, with a focus on reducing errors, can also help. Errors start with humans, in most cases, so holding employees responsible and working on ways to reduce common errors in your business are key to reduce errors over the long-term.


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