Is Internet Connection Your Greatest Headache when Working From Home? You can Fix It!


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You have to work from home but the slow Internet connection keeps letting you down?

You are not alone here.

Now that the Internet has become an integral part of everyday life, a slow Wi-Fi connection can often be a serious test of patience along with other challenges of working from home during Covid-19.
Thankfully, we appear to live in the era of wireless internet and there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it.

Common Reasons for Low Internet Speeds

The reasons for the disruption of the internet can be both in the internal network of the user, and in the system of the internet operator. Often, the cause of the problem should be sought on the side of the end device. Below you can find some common causes of low-speed internet connections.

Overloaded Channels

Wireless internet works using radio waves, which are usually located at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Since both frequencies are simultaneously used by a number of devices – neighboring routers and devices connected to the network, the frequencies are heavily loaded. Accordingly, the quality of the connection is noticeably deteriorating. This situation can often be observed in the evening of the working day, on weekends, and during school holidays.

Technical Specification of Devices

If the speed of the internet connection is slower than that provided by the operator, you should make sure that the devices connected to the network support the speed guaranteed by the operator. You also need to check the technical condition of the wires: if there is a certain section in the doors that is clamped, if the cable is connected to the device correctly, etc.

Power and Location of the Router

In addition to the corresponding software, the location of the router in the room is of great importance for the optimal Wi-Fi operation. The signal of the device is distributed in circles, so when you install the router in the corner of the room, part of the signal will be lost.

Security Reasons

If the loss of the internet continues, then there is a possibility that another user who uses it illegally has connected to the network. This often happens with Wi-Fi networks with a password that is too simple. Also, a frequent reason for the slow internet operation is the penetration and spread of computer viruses, which can be solved with the help of a high-quality antivirus program and other cybersecurity measures.

The Ultimate Solution to Slow Home Internet Issues

As you can see, there are lots of reasons for a slow internet connection. Sometimes, simple things like repositioning your router can help. However, issues such as overloaded frequencies or security breaches are not that easy to address.

Instead of buying a new router with better technical characteristics, consider acquiring a backup solution like an ultrafast portable LTE modem. Besides enhanced internet speed and security, an undeniable advantage of such a device is its universal mobility – it allows you to stay connected and do your job from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Portable Internet?

A portable modem is an indispensable device in the absence of the internet. It is one of the gadgets designed to facilitate our use of the internet and its very naming – “portable modem”, “pocket wifi”, “portable wifi” – emphasizes the mobility and compactness of the solution.

Often, a portable modem is a device that is both a modem and a router that is the device that distributes wifi signals wirelessly to other devices, for example, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Some latest solutions allow you to get a stable signal not only within the suitable coverage but also outside of it, in the village or in the country. If you need to leave your home to give a presentation to potential customers in the fresh air, this is sure to come in handy.

So, a pocket modem is a compact device that fits easily in your hand and allows you to connect to the internet anywhere in the world where there is at least a 3G network. And, importantly, it is very simple to use. Operational characteristics allow you to use the modem as a stable source of the internet in your home, office, when traveling out of town with friends, on business trips abroad (not a reality yet, but not use the lockdown to get well-equipped).

Final Word

In the modem deadline-driven business world, slow home internet connection may cause much inconveniences and stress. Realizing that you need to disable a camera during the business call or refuse from screen sharing to be able to receive sound without interruptions is just one of the examples.

Instead of struggling with the poor wifi or abandoning a working space to stay close to the router, follow the trend and acquire a portable modem that will give you a fast connection, mobility, and protection against network attacks.


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