Is Android App development is a Worthy Choice for Enterprises?


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Is Android App development is a Worthy Choice for Enterprises?

Android app development is the most preferred option when you are considering launching your application fast without any hassle.

Most enterprises prefer using android app development services due to the multiple advantages that it has to offer. It is way easy-to-use and comes with a library of code snippets to make the development process quick.

You can hire mobile app developers to outsource the development process and focus on other important aspects of the process.

For the development of Android apps, you can select a mobile app developer for hire and need to keep in mind that it is important that the user must have access to the basic Android toolset, which consists of SDKs, Libraries, programming language, plugins, and IDEs.

If you are looking forward to forming your own tech stack, then here are the tech resources that can help you with developing an Android app.

  1. Software development Kit
  2. Editors and IDEs
  3. Programming languages
  4. Libraries
  5. Plugins

Software development Kit

The SDK consists of tools which comprise of an executable program for enterprise software development such as emulators, debuggers, documentation, profilers, and more.

This SDK also comprises of Android Studio, but in case you wish to utilize another IDE, then you might have to download it separately at the bottom of the linked page.

Editors and IDEs

It is possible to write an app in the commonly used text editor or command line, but it is preferable that you choose Integrated Development Environment instead.

You can easily integrate the tool with all the SDK tools available with you, as that would allow you to use the resources without any hassle.

Apart from Android Studio, it is also possible to use Eclipse, which comes with a lot of plugins that can be used to expand the code in any other programming language.

Another popular option is IntelliJ IDEA, which comes in the paid version and can be customized according to your personal requirements and development process.

Programming languages

Two of the popular programming languages that are used for App development include Java and Kotlin. Apart from this, you can always choose other alternatives which are suitable for you.

It is also possible to code in C and C++ with the help of the Android Native Development Kit, which is mainly used to change the previously written code.

Another option is to make use of third-party tools using Ruby and Python. Make sure that you use official enterprise mobility solutions so that your app is updated regularly.


Libraries have a great utility as they contain snippets of the previously written code, which help in making the job of the coder easier.

This would save a lot of time and ensure that the app can be developed with the available free solutions. One of the most popular options is to make use of GSON, which be used for serializing the Java objects in order to ensure proper communication with APIs.

Another popular available option is Retrofit and Event Bus, which can be used to ensure communication with several app elements.

In order to configure the setting, you can organize the process with the help of external libraries. Developers can also use the tool named as Gradle for building the application.


The basic aspect of using the libraries is that it can be used to automate tasks. Moreover, plugins can be created by augmenting the software tool.

In this case, it would be IDE. In case you want to use complex solutions for improving your coding experience, then you can use popular tools that are meant for Android development.

Benefits associated with Android development

  • Easy app acceptance process
  • Hardware independence
  • Java and Kotlin as programming languages
  • Learning documentation
  • Easy app acceptance process

    Apple store is highly selective when it comes to publishing apps on its store. Although both Google and Apple share similar guidelines, they follow a unique approach when it comes to quality assurance.

    Getting the app approved on Apple can be a tedious process, but with the Google review system available, you can publish the app provided that you meet the content policies.

    The process followed by Apple is quite strict, and you might even have to solve bugs, inconsistencies in UI, and the possibility of the app to get crashed.

    When it comes to IOS, your app will be judged on the basis of its usefulness rather than its appearance or any other factor.

    Developers might even have to spend a lot of money to get their app published when it comes to IOS. With Google, you will not have to face such issues and would be able to use the feedback for making your app better.

    Hardware independence

    Hardware is the least concern when it comes to the development of Android apps. Moreover, the development is basically conducted on Java, which is a leading cross-platform app development programming language.

    There are several Android development tools that are available for free and can be downloaded on any operating system.

    You also need to use Mac or any virtual machine in order to build an iOS app, which is not the case with Android app development.

    Java and Kotlin as programming languages

    Android app development supports Java and Kotlin, which happen to the most popular languages used in this regard. Java is ideal for use in data analytics and fintech companies for the development of their application.

    Moreover, applications that are powered by Java have high utility. Developers who are skilled in this language do not find it difficult to find a job.

    Kotlin is also popular, and its approach for coding is quite similar to that of Java. This particular language combines the complexity of Java and makes the development process much faster and efficient.

    Someone who is equipped in Java would be able to work in Kotlin as well. As these are open-source languages, it is easy to use them.

    Learning documentation

    There are massive amounts of information available on the web, and with Google, beginners can easily apply their knowledge to build the simplest of apps.

    Google provides tutorials that can be used for personal guidance and access to the Android app development service.

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