Interesting Infographics: 5 Minute Guide to B2B Marketer Content Preferences


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According to new research by kapost that was based on a survey to marketers employed at companies with over 1,000 employees, below is the 5 minute guide to the content preferences of B2B marketers. (Kudos to kapost for including pre-written tweets to make it easy to share this infographic!) After you read through this interesting infographic, how will you apply this information to your B2B lead generation?

What Content do Marketers Read?

  • it’s likely not a surprise that blogs (58%) are the number one type of content that marketers read
  • Infographics and Whitepapers (both at 48%) followed closely behind
  • eBooks were 38%
  • Videos were 34%

What Content do Marketers Share?

After reading all of the aforementioned original content, what do B2B marketers think is worth sharing?  If it is “data heavy” content, 63% of marketers share it. 67% share content they find to be “playful and fun”.  It would be interesting to note if many marketers found infographics to include both fun and sufficient data.

Who do B2B Marketers Trust?

The marketers in the survey trusted thought leaders 2.3 times more than they trusted traditional news sources. Plus, marketers trust thought leaders 10 times more than they trust corporate blogs and are 10 times as likely to share a thought leader’s content than a corporate blog.  Are you a thought leader in your industry? If not, do you think you need to become one now?

How Should the Content be Delivered?

If you guessed email, you are correct! 69% preferred to receive content by email and 78% preferred to share the content by email.

Enterprise Marketer Infographic


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