How Omnichannel Strategy is Improving Customer Relationship for Smart Brands


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One good thing the pandemic brought us is the omnichannel strategy. Interestingly, it’s not just a trend but a means of scaling your business using one of the most promising business strategies. Additionally, what omnichannel does is focus on meeting your customers using an integrated, friendly, and efficient service.

Furthermore, an omnichannel contact center strategy utilizes all the communication channels being used by the company. The result of using an omnichannel strategy is that your customers always get responses irrespective of their channel. Simply put, one omnichannel contact center pro is that you can integrate traditional communication methods like emails with website chat and social media.

Smart brands are taking advantage of omnichannel and are using it to improve their customer relationship. In this article, we highlight ways omnichannel can improve your relationship with your customers.

How Omnichannel Improves Customer Relationship

When a company responds to their customers swiftly with the use of different messaging channels, it increases their satisfaction. Any business that wants to thrive and succeed in this present age knows the importance of customer experience.

Also, one way you can improve your company’s omnichannel contact center strategy is by understanding your customers. Other ways include,

Follow successful brands strategies

The omnichannel world is replete with many success stories that businesses can learn from. However, following the omnichannel strategies of brands like Amazon or Bank of America doesn’t mean you’ll be catapulted to their success level. Rather, when you pay attention to what they prioritize, you can get a better picture of your business omnichannel strategy.

Understand your customers better

If you fail to understand your customers, even the best omnichannel strategy is likely to fail. To prevent your effort from becoming futile, it’s important that you have an updated understanding of what customer behavior is.

Also, to begin, you can use surveys and large data to know what people expect from your brand. Likewise, you can incorporate analytics software into your research to find out who is your ideal market.

Master mobile-friendly platforms

Unfortunately, many brands are yet to update their platforms to be mobile-friendly. According to statistics, about 6.4 billion people around the world use smartphones. Likewise, the figure is estimated to surpass 7.5 billion by 2026.

Brands with websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are at the losing end and are capable of making prospective customers doubt their credibility. Also, if you’re seeking to improve your brand’s SEO ranking, consider upgrading your website to be more mobile-friendly. You can use a mobile-friendly analyzer to monitor your progress.

Brands Using Omnichannel Strategy in their Contact Center to Improve Customer Relationship

Some smart brands are setting the pace in their industry by using an omnichannel strategy for their contact center. By doing this, they are improving their customer relationships which eventually leads to customer retention and increased sales. Here are examples of top brands you can take a cue from

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a top fashion brand that utilizes technology to stay connected to both its offline and online platforms. It has an app that allows sales reps to be connected to customers via emails, messages, social media, and even Facetime. Additionally, with the app, customers can check upcoming promotions or events.

Furthermore, the Neiman Marcus app uses the memory mirror, another unique omnichannel feature. With the memory mirror, you get to know how your clothes look from behind while also recording your try-on from different angles. Also, with the app, you can get personalized recommendations and products.


Walgreens is an online pharmaceutical store that has utilized the omnichannel strategy for its operations. The store tracked the activities of its customers and noticed it had more customer purchases online. To retain their customers, Walgreen incorporated “refill operations” where customers can refill their prescriptions by scanning codes on their smartphones.

Also, at Walgreens, there are options where you can change a pick-up time and pick-up location. We strongly recommend this strategy for other online stores to keep enhancing their customer’s experience.


Stance is a highly respected American, T-shirt and underwear brand that has incorporated mobile services into its operations. Stance understands the essence of customer care services and has fully utilized the omnichannel strategy to satisfy its customers and draw other customers.

To efficiently enhance their customer service experience, the stand had to cut down customers’ wait time and long lines by enabling a customer’s checkout session. By this, the brand can attend to several customers at a time.

As though that wasn’t enough, stance built a web-based self-checkout experience, easy and accessible to users. This way, customers don’t stick up their phones with apps.


Sephora is another brand that has incorporated the omnichannel strategy to improve their customer’s experience. Sephora, a beauty brand, allows users to shop online, in-store, whenever they desire.

In shopping, customers can check out the details of the beauty product and add them to their cart, Sephora’s Beauty Bag.

Sephora has completely enhanced its customer’s experience by providing an array of products for customers during shopping. By this, the brand is providing several options for customers’ shopping.

Furthermore, the app provides a feature where customers can try out products online even before purchasing them. From all of these, you can tell that Sephora completely utilized the omnichannel contact center strategy efficiently.

To Wrap It Up

One omnichannel contact center strategy pro is that it allows your contact center agents to cater to a larger audience. Also, there are some omnichannel contact center trends that make the job easier for your agents. These trends not only improve customer relationships but also increase customer loyalty. Trends like artificial intelligence and personalization are sure to stand the test of time.

Although omnichannel contact center strategies have their drawbacks, there’s no doubt they provide a seamless experience for customers. Thankfully. This article discusses top brands and their omnichannel contact center strategy. Also, you can learn tips to move your business from where it is now to where you want it to be

Alon Ghelber
Alon Ghelber is an Israeli Chief Marketing Officer. He also works as a marketing consultant for several Israeli VCs and is a member of the Forbes Business Council. He is also the founder and manager of the LinkedIn groups “Start Up Jobs in Israel” and “High Tech Café.”


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