How Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Digital Marketing Industry


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People living in this digital world has till now missed the real potential of Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning. Believe it or not, the AI, along with ML, has completely revolutionized the entire digital world and is making a big difference in digital marketing.

According to one research, it was derived that nearly 61% of the data in the coming years will be fetched through AI and ML.

Before diving into how AI is going to change the Digital Market, you should have a brief about AI.
Artificial Intelligence is the use of a machine that is capable of analyzing and understanding the data and making decisions accordingly. The software, machines are made to execute various tasks. Voice Assistant and GPS are the two most prominent examples of Artificial Intelligence.
Moving ahead to the primary question, what are the most common ways the Ai and ML are transforming digital marketing. Below is a list that can better explain the points.

Auto Content Generation:

It seems weird and hypothetical, but that’s the truth. Various tools can gather information online and make their content. Companies like Forbes are already using such smart tools to generate artificial content based on current news and information. Wordsmiths, Quill are some of the most popular tools used to create content automatically.

Automatic Content Curation:

Content curation is the tactic to change the existing content to make it better readable and connecting with the users. Artificial Intelligence is being used hugely to curate the existing content and enhance its reach. Automatic content/product recommendations on Amazon is one of the best examples of content curation that plays a vital role in transforming the user perception and helps in increasing sales.
Email Marketing: Similar to content curation, Email marketing is another big area where AI is playing a diverse and detailed role. Nowadays, you find your email box flooded with alert mail, whether it’s your product in cart or an unfinished purchase. All such user-specific emails are sent to update the user about their purchase, left somewhere in the middle. This way, you are not only connecting with the existing users but also let them complete their purchases.

Smart Search Results:

You all are already familiar with the search results delivered by Google. With the announcement of RankBrain update, it was now public that Google is using a smart machine learning and artificial intelligence technology that is prioritizing the search results and omitting the negative results. So, it has now become convenient for Google to bury negative search results and serve the best, using AI.

Induct Smart Ads: To increase your revenue and boost your Ads publicity, there is Adtext, an Ads management system that collects the information through deep machine learning and AI. This smart tool can easily manage your Ads account like Google Adwords, Facebook Advents, and more. It automatically evaluates the user-behavior and tweaks the ads display accordingly. Its the use of deep algorithms that makes the tool to learn from the users and make the changes in the ads formatting, offering higher ROI.

Voice Searches:

The voice search is the new trend that everyone is nowadays talking about. According to the statistics, Google now has about 70% of its mobile traffic via voice searches. It is another big reason why Google introduced RankBrain that learns from the users and serve them accordingly. The RankBrain is more of machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology builds with deep, intelligent algorithms to take actions as per the user-requests.

Smart Web Design:

The tools being used for website design are also getting smarter with time. There are web designing tools like Grid, which helps to create an appealing website design according to the user data. This also helps to create custom landing pages with the right placement of CTA buttons, rich media, and more.
Intelligent Chatbots: Chatbots are the new customer serving agents who are available to help you 24×7. For every query, you will have a precise response from the Chatbots. The chatbots are predesigned codes that make intelligent software to understand the user requirement and reply to them with the relevant information available on the website. Watson Assistant, Bold360, Rulai, LivePerson, Inbenta, Ada, and Vergic are some of the best and most intelligent chatbots made by the developers.

Deep Data Analysis:

The data gathering has now become a significant niche to understand the existing user-data and make predictions accordingly. This data analysis and forecasting are very beneficial to make changes in your marketing strategy and boost your sales. The product pricing, lacking marketing technique and even the weak website design can be easily predicted using the deep data analysis technique. The in-depth data is analyzed with the help of AI and ML tools.

Virtual Trying Option:

Today, it’s possible to have your virtual presence to check any product and finalize your buying decision. Lenskart, an Indian eyewear store, gives you the option to check different eye wears on your face and try the best one that suits you. Another website called TopShop (a British Clothing retailer) allows you to check the clothes virtually. Such virtual technology is another big advancement made by the use of AI and ML to improve the user experience and amplify your sales to multiple counts.
There are many other AI traits, and in every way, it is affecting the sales and marketing of your products and services.

Productivity is another important factor that has increased with the inclusion of AI tools/machines. The need for human resources has also decreased, that was a significant issue in serving the customers in a better way.

Once you take a look at some popular digital marketing case studies, you would fetch the most important conclusion from all that Digital Marketing has completely changed with the inclusion of AI & ML. With time, the virtual world is going to change the digital world more, and the demand for Artificial Intelligence will grow even more in the coming era.

Haris Saeed
An experienced professional with more than 9 years of working experience and a performance leader in internet technologies, including -Web Research, Analysis and Architecture Search Engine Optimization.


  1. Thanks for the great article, it was pleasure to read it! It is so cool to be in the middle of this Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning evolution that is happening right now. Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligence is not yet completely autonomous, it is already a great helper in many industries. Digital Marketing being one of the most prominent. I love how you highlighted the ways that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence do wonders to this area. Awesome!


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