Great Start With Virgin America


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Yesterday was my very first flight on Virgin America, from San Francisco to New York. It was TERRIFIC! This new airline home based at SFO is going to shake things up and give the established players major heartburn.

For starters, since the airline is brand new I have zero affinity or seniority with them but neither does anyone else. When I logged into their web site to make my reservations (their introductory prices are much lower than other carriers) and came to seat selection I was happy to see I could select an exit row seat. Only a middle seat was available but at 6’2″ (1.88m) I’m always happy to get an exit row.

Many airlines including those with which I’m Gold don’t allow me to select an exit row. Yes, I know the drill. Yes, I’m willing and able to perform the tasks if required (i.e., toss the exit door out the window and yell at the top of my lungs, “Follow me!”). No, it’s still not an option.

With Virgin America it is an option–for $25. Worth it? You bet.

When I arrived at the terminal to check in the folks were EAGER to be helpful and seemed HAPPY to be there. I don’t know how long this can last but when you experience it I can tell you it’s striking.

The usual security line up and wait to board but somehow even that seemed to go smoothly.

The Airbus equipment is brand new and full of goodies. I’ll fill you in on the in-flight experience next posting but for now, suffice to say, it was wonderful.


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