For Crying Out Loud, JetBlue! How An Airline Turned Tears Into Cheers


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A few years ago, in honor of Mother’s Day, JetBlue released a 3-minute YouTube video paying tribute to mothers who fly with young children:

The video is sure to make you smile, and there’s no doubt it’s a great marketing instrument for the airline.  But what’s also noteworthy about the clip is how it illustrates the importance of understanding your target customer and their state of mind.

As any parent or guardian who flies with little ones knows, it can be a stressful experience (perhaps the understatement of the year).

There are all kinds of fears and negative emotions swirling through one’s head:  Have I packed everything I need?  Will my baby behave on the flight?  Will fellow passengers scowl at me when the child cries?

Understanding your customer’s mindset is an important first step in engineering a brand experience that people will appreciate and seek out in the future.

JetBlue, perennially rated a top airline in customer experience, realizes this.  The fact that they even thought to produce a video highlighting the passenger experience, from a mother’s perspective, is a testament to that.

The key takeaway?  Well, don’t scowl at crying babies and their parents on your next flight, of course.  But equally important:  think carefully about what’s going on in your customer’s head, in order to really figure out how to best serve them.


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