E-Commerce and Doing CX Right


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Not too long ago, consumers had to drive to a retail store in order to buy and get a new product or service. The launch of E-commerce has significantly improved shopper experiences offering more convenience, time savings, expanded product choices and easier access to offers and promotions. Though there are a lot of advantages to online shopping, it is now more challenging for companies to compete as consumers are smarter and have higher expectations beyond price factors.

To succeed in our digital environment, brands need to focus on differentiating themselves and creating memorable moments that remain in people’s minds well after their transaction is complete. I experienced this first-hand recently upon receiving my online order of granola cereal. As I went through the fulfillment box delivered to my home, there was a card enclosed with a message about how I purchased the “freshest Granola possible” and that it is “handmade in small batches in their Norwalk, CT kitchen.”  While I appreciated the reassurance of quality, I was most surprised to a see a hand-written note from the owner thanking me for my order. Normally I do not receive thank you notes from companies I buy from, nevermind one that is personalized to me. 

The point of my story is that the Kelly company went up and beyond to make me feel good about my purchase aside from delivering a great tasting product. I ended up referring the company to friends and family on social media and purchased again when I ran out of cereal. Other companies can easily apply similar principles to gain brand loyalists and achieve high recommendation rates (NPS scores). It just takes commitment and dedication to DoingCXRight. Stacy’s Chips is another brand that deployed a brilliant marketing and CX strategy. Read and learn from unique story here.

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