Domino’s – Taking A Giant Leap With CX Innovation


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Generally speaking, I am a pizza snob – you know the pear and camembert with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar type of pizza eater. So delivery pizza is usually a desperate last option. I was bedridden with the ‘man flu’ – yes, I am one of those women who has been diagnosed with the symptoms – and I ordered a pizza from Domino’s – and then the fun started.

Pizza Tracker
Now I have used the pizza tracker before and love it! The Australian version looks likes this.

Pizza Tracker

The tracker paces customers through each stage of the order to delivery process – Order Placed, Making Order, Cooking Order, Ready In Store, Delivering, and finally Complete. Being focused with laser like intensity on the pending arrival of my last ditch desperate pizza order, I had never before paid heed to the left side of the page. On a lark, I found myself contemplating the Entertain Me section, almost daring it to do so.

First up – I was presented with the details of the new car that Domino’s has designed (modified Chevy Spark) that can carry up to 80 pizzas along with sides and drinks for urban delivery. We got a peek into the oven that is set at a 110 F to keep the pizzas at an optimal temperature and got a glimpse into the design process that ensures safe drink carriage and other nifty features.

Chevy DTX

The next video up about how Domino’s uses customer feedback – “… the good, the bad, the ugly …” to make Domino’s better. After a couple of other videos one about cheesy crust and another about Pizza Moghul, I noticed that my pizza was ready for pickup at store.

GPS Driver Tracker
So I started to monitor the GPS tracker. The delivery driver was named JIMMI and I was presented 3 interesting facts about him. I was bracing myself for a boring GPS tracking exercise, but to my surprise, at the bottom of map I was presented with a series of questions – from the sublime market research variety to the ridiculous nonsensical kind – and it was hilarious. Here is a sample of questions – roughly in the order asked:

  1. How do you eat your pizza?
      Knife and Fork
  2. Do you count steps when you walk?
  3. Where do you look for great Domino’s deals?
      Social Media
      My Letterbox
  4. Why do you think JIMMI is stopped?
      Because a chicken crossed the road and they wondered why
      Vehicle troubles
  5. What came first chicken or egg?
  6. What is your Domino’s favourite dipping sauce?
      Garlic Mayo
  7. Do you know of Domino’s online retailing program Pizza Moghul?
  8. Which topping would you like to add to the menu?
  9. Why do you think JIMMI has stopped?
      GPS started talking in a different language
      Pulled over to take a pizza related phone call
  10. Can you keep a secret?

And so on. You get the picture.


It was a clever, innovative way of engaging with the customer in a non-intrusive manner while gathering customer insights. It was engaging enough to keep my interest not only from a professional perspective but also from a personal point of view, which is challenging at best. I really loved the humour, pace, content and the timing of questions and once the pizza was delivered I was left wanting more. And, after I had devoured my pizza I was curious enough to go back to the Domino’s website to check out – the Domino’s Delivery Car and the Pizza Moghul program and also research Domino’s in greater detail.

Here is what I discovered.

CX Innovation At Domino’s
In a highly competitive, commoditised market, Domino’s has been leading with innovation in Customer Experience. Domino’s has done Customer Experience right, not just at the edges at the customer interaction level, but across the value chain.

Business Model Innovation:
Domino’s has reinvented its business model with revenue sharing with Pizza Moghul. Pizza Moghul enables customers to create and publish a custom menu online and promote it viraly through social media. Pizzas ordered from the menu give customers a ‘slice of the profit’ for each order. The all-time leader is #pizza_master who has netted $ 33.5 K to date. The result:

  • Customer-led viral marketing
  • Customer engagement and loyalty
  • Deep customer insights through social media
  • Customer-led product research
  • My Profile On Pizza Moghul – #PepperoniPatty
    Pepperoni Patty

    Service Innovation:
    With over two-thirds of Domino’s revenue coming from deliveries, it was no surprise that Domino’s invested in the creation of a customer made car in partnership with Chevrolet. Towards the end of last year Domino’s unveiled a specially designed and built “pizza delivery vehicle,” called the DXP. The car includes a warming oven, specialized racks for storing pizzas, the removal of all but the driver’s seat, and the capacity to hold up to 80 pizzas and other menu items for large orders. Also included are brand-reinforcing digital touches throughout, ranging from a puddle light projecting the Domino’s logo on the ground to hubcaps with the Domino’s logo.


    Design and production of DXP took more than three years. It began with a five-stage crowdsourcing competition hosted by Local Motors on its open-innovation platform called Open IO. A contest fielded 385 entries from designers around the world. Then Roush and Ken Baker, a former GM R&D executive, adapted the concept and worked closely with Domino’s to create DXP. (Link)

    Domino’s also arranged for Chevy dealers in the relevant local markets to service the nuances of DXP, from ovens to accessories to encourage their franchisees to use the delivery vehicles and offer their customers a consistent customer experience. The result:

  • Better service experience through increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Branded customer service experience through consistency
  • Brand building

Customer Engagement:
If you even think of a pizza, Domino’s makes it impossible for you to find an excuse for not ordering it. Domino’s offers so many choices to order pizza – SMS, apps on android and ios, online, apps on smart watches, and Dom the voice ordering system. If you’re feeling especially lazy, you could just turn on your Samsung TV and order from there. Bringing the ordering process to many different platforms — Web, phone, watch, TV and voice — is part of what Domino’s calls its “Anyware” program. (Link)

The result:

  • Accessibility and availability
  • Low customer effort
  • Reinvention of brand with cool factor

Important Disclaimer – Neither Hand Nor Watch Are The Author’s

I also read about the recent launch of DLAB, Domino’s innovation lab based in Brisbane. DLAB is an aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs commercialize their business ideas, while allowing Domino’s to explore new concepts and embrace a risk-taking mentality. The hub is set to attract a dynamic range of startups from the community, as well as foster innovation by Domino’s employees. In the words of CEO and MD Don Meij, “Innovations driven from the DLAB will focus on adding value to the customer and the overall store experience and allow us to remain competitive on a global scale.” (Link)

I never thought that I would use the word innovation and pizza in the same sentence, ever, but I stand corrected.

Views expressed in this blog are personal and do not reflect the views of Stellar Asia Pacific.

Amrita Bhattacharyya
I specialize in defining next generation customer management strategies across the customer lifecycle. I am passionate about leading sustainable business transformation through improved customer centricity, employee engagement, and operational excellence. As a committed learner I am at my best when surrounded by ideas and intelligent people. I offer over 12 years of management consulting experience with top-tier consulting firms in the US working for Fortune 500 clients, and executive leadership experience in Australia.


  1. Great article Amrita. I’m glad to see that Domino’s is taking steps to improve and enhance their digital customer experience. I had a different experience a few months ago when I tried their text to order service, but it’s nice to see how well their web ordering service is doing.

  2. This is really cool. I especially liked the questionnaire, it can be so hard to engage customers on an order tracking site and it was really funny. I hope they keep changing the questions to keep customers challenged. The customised menu bit with customers getting paid a part of revenue is also a phenomenal thought. Who ever has done this is a smart guy !!!


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