CBM News: Oracle, Salesforce.com and Clarabridge’s Debuts — It’s a Ball!


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Hola amigo, muchas gracias for dropping into Radio CBM, 98.6 on your dial and #1 in your CRM heart of hearts, all Freddie Fender all the time, the pride of the Pacific Time Zone:

Mimosa Systems says that Florida’s Palm Beach County will be “expanding its use of Mimosa NearPoint beyond archiving its Microsoft Exchange Server data,” looking for “content archiving, data protection and eDiscovery support.”

Industry consultant Herbert F. Finkelstein said Palm Beach chose Mimosa over competing systems from Daiquiri, Margarita or Rusty Nail due to its “perfect blend of Krug champagne and orange juice.”

Florida’s Sunshine Law gives citizens the legal right to request copies of all public records, so the county must retain all documents indefinitely. That’s right—feel like grabbing a few beers, heading down to the courthouse and whooping it up over the juicy details of Roxanne Pulitzer‘s legendarily sleazy Palm Beach divorce trial? Be their guest.

Salesforce.com is announcing Contact Manager, described by the Benioffites as providing “tools needed to manage business contacts and customers in the cloud.”

This release is aimed at “an entirely new audience, very small businesses and individuals, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing for only $9 per user, per month.”

Proposed names for the cloud program include “Every Little Raindrop” and “Just Another Drop In the Bucket.”

In politics, many parents nationwide were upset over President Barack Obama‘s plans to address the nation’s school children next week, and have teachers follow up in class by asking such questions as “What do you think the President wants us to do? Does the speech make you want to do anything? Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?”

Lexington, Kentucky third-grader Allison de Bordenave said she didn’t mind President Obama’s speech “as long as I get out of math class for it.”

Good news, all you Oraclians out there—the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 is now downloadable from the Oracle Technology Network.

This latest generation of the database is billed by Larry’s Crew as reducing server costs up to five times by having Real Application Clusters deliver “grid plug and play and new server pooling capabilities” among other capabilities.

The Oracle RAC One Node option is described as letting users “consolidate less mission-critical database environments on the grid.” Industry analyst Herbert J. Finkelstein described it as “a great advancement for corporate pack rats everywhere.”

nGenera Customer Interaction Management is announcing a limited-time “Know Your ROI Before You Buy” promotion, offering “free assessment of business operations” and “a custom report projecting the ROI customer service and sales tools can deliver.”

“Speaking about ROI is not enough; our ‘Know Your ROI Before You Buy’ promotion is designed to provide companies with a validated business case that demonstrates the true ROI they can achieve,” says Wade Pfeiffer, General Manager, nGenera CIM.

When asked how the promotion would benefit nGenera, company spokesman Herbert M. Finkelstein said he would have to get back to Radio CBM “after we’ve evaluated all the data.”

In sports, the U.S. Open got its first major upset when 17-year old American Melanie Oudin ousted No. 4-seeded Elena Dementieva. When asked how she managed to come back from a 7-5 first set loss to take the next two 6-4, 6-3, the teenager said “My dad said he’d ground me and take away my iPhone for a week if I lost.”

Clarabridge has announced the general availability of version 3.3 of its Content Mining Platform tool to “capture, transform, and analyze free-form customer feedback from social media, CRM systems, and customer feedback systems,” such as e-mail, surveys and chats.

“Over the past three years, Clarabridge’s customers have increasingly expanded the use of our product to support more and more sources of unstructured text-based customer feedback,” says Justin Langseth, Clarabridge’s president and chief technology officer.

Specifically, according to the Clarabridgeans, CMP 3.3 increases text mining and analysis speed by seven times, decreases some storage requirements by 50 percent and build strong bodies eight ways.

That’s the show for today, we’re off to do a bit of back-to-school clothes shopping.


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