Big salaries, bigger scope for the future: Why to become a Hadoop engineer?


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Big Data is immense at the moment. From a startup to a healthcare firm, from a big MNC to an agricultural field, Big Data is being used almost everywhere. Therefore, the cope in the world of Big Data is immense. Also, as the Big Data industry is pretty huge, therefore, it may not be easy to grasp complete knowledge of the department together. It can be a little scary to learn every aspect of Big Data as well as the related technologies. One may even get confused in selecting from where to start. But, once you are in the system, you will realize that in order to succeed in the world of Big Data, one has to master Hadoop.

What is Hadoop?

In the simplest language, Hadoop is nothing but a technical offering that makes the processing of Big Data useful. It is a vast assortment of open source libraries. All of these libraries make the analysis of huge sets of data easy. Now, here, ‘huge’ actually means huge! As, the data sets can be inclusive of more than high volume of information, gathered through various mediums. If the data is huge, then the technology required to analysis the data would be costly as well. However, that is not the case anymore thanks to Hadoop. As, Hadoop has reduced the dependency on hardware. Instead, data scientists are able to assess the data, and a do a lot more, identifying the main point of failures with just a software.

Why Hadoop?

Hadoop has rapidly become a very prominent name in the world of Big Data. It is one of the frontrunners and now, many more solutions are also present in the market as Hadoop leads the innovation in the Big Data industry. One of the main features that make Hadoop a favorite of many is that it makes it easy to process huge quantity of data, and it also enables scientists to generate useful insights which help the business. However, what makes Hadoop one of the best is its framework. As, it is quite comprehensive and can be used for data visualization as well. At the same time, it can also be stretched one system to a plenty of other systems in a cluster. Cost reduction is one of the top features that make Hadoop a favorite. Also, there is a lot of community support available for Hadoop. Therefore, the fondness of Hadoop will only increase with time, hence, it would only be fruitful to build a career in the Big Data industry or Hadoop.

In 2019, the adoption of Hadoop will increase, and so are the career opportunities.

Hadoop development or handling is one of the key skills which has turned out to be a must-have going in the year 2019. If a data scientists wishes to establish well in the field of Big Data, then they would have to make sure that they are well verse with Hadoop technicalities. Apart from the in depth understanding of computational characteristics like handling a huge amount of data, programming skills would also be required. For this, one needs to master Hadoop in order to shine bright in the world of Big Data.

Hadoop is an excellent tool which is used to MapReduce data analysis on a high volume of data. A few of the main things for which Hadoop is used include things like data reporting, data searching, data analysis, high volume indexing etc. With Hadoop, you can also do a lot of data processing tasks. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that Hadoop is extremely useful, therefore, more and more companies would plan to use it, if they are not using it at present.

  • In demand, high prospects
  • Hadoop is extremely in demand. Any data scientist who is working in the field of Big Data or anyone who wishes to build a career in the same field, should definitely learn Hadoop. IT executives have to stay abreast with the cutting-edge Big Data trends, and Hadoop advancements. In order to accelerate your professional growth, and find better career opportunities, you should definitely start learning Hadoop. Also, it is expected that the packages offered by companies in the field of Big Data will increase in future, as the demand is also expected to amplify. Also, if you learn Hadoop, then you would have chances to enter a wide variety of industries as Hadoop is used in various types of industries.

  • More investment, more opportunities, more salaries
  • One of the other major reasons of learning Hadoop is that in 2019, there is going to be a lot of investment in the Big Data industry. Thus, the job opportunities will continue to grow. And, at the same time, the requirement of talented data scientist who master Hadoop will also increase. This simply means that people who have mastered Hadoop could expect better salaries and a lot more job opportunities. At the same time, even if you want to grow your business, then also Big Data analysis will play an important role. Thus, learning Hadoop yourself, and processing the data would lead to better returns.

Technology experts have started volunteering for Big Data projects. But, in order to master such projects, one would need to be an expert Hadoop user. Hadoop is not a very difficult platform to learn. Also, the platform is being evolved continuously in order to make it perfect for the current generation. In 2019, we can expect a lot more advancements, but the benefits of mastering it will remain the same.

As per Big Data market estimate, we can see that there is a lot of scope in the field. As, technologies like Big Data and AI will continue to rule the market, and thus, companies will need tools like Hadoop and resources like the Hadoop experts to get the better of such new age technologies. At the same time, begin an open source tool, the adoption rate will only increase.


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