Best JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries for Front-end Web Development in 2020


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With the advent of the internet and unmatched technological developments gracing the world each day, there is a lot to know about website development. You may have been wondering how web applications are created for the client-side. You have probably heard or read about JavaScript (JS) frameworks for frontend developers.

Website development involves a lot of processes and the use of unparalleled skillsets. JavaScript is one of the widely used programming languages and a popular tool for creating web applications. This scripting code or language is used by professionals who build parts of a web application or website that users can easily see on their screens. Hence, they can effectively implement and manage robust types of content.


JavaScript has mostly been used for building better user-facing solutions, on-screen parts of applications, and websites. This is what many professionals involved in this process term as front end web development. Website development processes have led to the growth of incredible tools such as JavaScript frontend frameworks and libraries.

Why Use JavaScript Frameworks- What to Know

Using these frameworks and libraries, programmers or web developers can conveniently undertake different tasks and aid in adding interactive functionality to websites. They are also adaptable to the effective designing of websites. The frameworks you use will offer solutions to all common problems that web developers may be facing.

If your site has dynamic content requirements, these frameworks provide great opportunities to manage them. Don’t have any reservations embracing top-notch JavaScript frameworks as they help deliver immediate and necessary feedback as your target audiences or visitors interact with your website. With these platforms, you don’t have to wait for a page to reload to access or retrieve new content.

It’s easy to access and transfer data with the web-server. Hence, it’s effective and faster for web developers to manage robust data and fulfil frontend-to-backend communication. With this in mind, here are the best JavaScript frameworks for web development to make the most of in 2020. Have a look:


Angular is one of the efficient, robust, and widely used frameworks these days. Google has popularized this JavaScript framework, and it is excellent for use in building websites, mobile apps, and desktop. It is built-in TypeScript and provides developers with unmatched tools for creating web applications on the client-side.

Angular stands out above other frameworks thanks to the fact that it is an end-to-end platform that supports everything a web developer needs to create top-notch applications. It’s a consistent framework that works perfectly for large projects. Most of the large companies out there embrace the features that Angular provides.

Other key strengths of Angular that have made it a number one choice for many web developers include:

  • It supports single-page applications where a single HTML page loads faster, and it’s updated as per the interaction of the users relying on the web app. You don’t have to reload the whole page.
  • It offers a two-way data binding whereby you enjoy automatic retrievals from the data store. Intrinsically, when data stores update, the user interface will be updated immediately.
  • Modularity is a key feature provided by Angular. These modules are combined to create an application. Lazy-loading is one of their key merits, and it entails one or more app features being loaded when a user desires.
  • Guarantees easy integration as this framework is pre-built into many frameworks. Web developers can easily add the framework’s custom elements to other apps built with popular frameworks.


React is your go-to JavaScript library for creating extraordinary user interfaces. Thanks to its popularity, its developers have gone on to release React Native, an incredible tool for creating apps for Android and iOS embracing JavaScript. Facebook helps maintain this framework, and with its efficiency and popularity, other platforms like Dropbox, Airbnb, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Codecademy have gone on to use it.

Don’t have any reservations learning React. There are incredible ways it’s head and shoulders above other competitor JavaScript libraries. Have a look:

  • React’s component-focused design makes it easy to reuse a code. Hence, it’s easy to maintain large projects, and debugging is no longer a hassle with reusable components.
  • You can also easily integrate React with other compatible libraries like Angular and Backbone.js.
  • This framework makes it easy for developers to work with different modules using one-directional data flow and not data binding. Hence, a child component cannot affect the parent data making your code steadier.
  • React’s scalability, efficiency and flexibility is a key attraction among many web developers.
  • Best choice for content-focused apps thanks to React’s server-side rendering capabilities.


Evan You created Vue.js to offer better ways to make user interface development more outstanding and organized. This is a progressive JavaScript framework that you will, without a doubt, fall in love with. Vue popularity has grown over the years, and many tech-savvy people use and fancy this library.

Don’t have any reservations making Vue.js your reliable framework even if you are a novice in the web development world. Here are a few facets that will satisfy your needs;

  • You will be using one of the fastest and lightweight frameworks compatible with different devices. Pick the Vue.js file version 2.4.2, which weighs only 58.8 KB.
  • Major Vue elements are the building blocks of an application and are easy to combine with other technologies.
  • You can use Vue as your premier framework as it easily handles two-way reactive data binding and changes the DOM in the process when data is altered.


You may have used all the popular JavaScript frontend frameworks in the industry, but Ember.js offers more than these exceptional libraries. It’s your go-to client-side open-source framework incredible for developing single-page web applications with distinctive and complex user interactions.

Scalability and flexibility are other key features that make Ember.js outstanding. You will also get all JavaScript features that you yearn for as a full package and regular updates.


Your list for frameworks for frontend web development cannot be a complete chapter giving Aurelia a top consideration. It’s an excellent choice for all modern JavaScript modules that web developers embrace. It guarantees fast rendering, uni-directional data flow, and it’s built with a vanilla JavaScript, making it easy to create and manage all your website components stress-free.

To Sum Up

With the ever-growing technology, you will come across many JavaScript frameworks or libraries that you can make the most of each day. However, it’s wise to pick a framework that satisfies your needs and preferences. Go for an exceptional JS framework that you love and like using. If stuck is wise to learn from website developers who are well-acquainted with these applications.

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