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Frank Sarr
Frank W. Sarr (BA, Economics, Notre Dame; MAT, Oberlin College; CLU, The American College) founded Training Implementation Services, Inc. (TIS) after leaving CIGNA, where he was responsible for National Sales Organization field training and management development. Frank’s fervent “accountability pays” approach has produced extraordinary training results for his client companies in diverse industries.

Pile on the Learning, Easy on the Technology

Much has been written about the technology of training. The story is often the same: companies are chomping at the bit for the opportunity...

Selling Versus Buying

Selling Versus Buying The Premise: The “psychology of purchase” dictates that a person’s drive to buy is heightened in direct proportion to their perceived personal...

Embracing the Serve First Philosophy

Decades ago, legendary agent and manager Stuart Smith conceived a philosophy of serving the client first and letting the financial rewards take care of...

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