7 Ways Entrepreneurs Undermine Their Personal Brands


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The repute of your business highly depends upon your personal brand and business relations. If you are not seriously working for your brand, it will simply drop your status within days. The following 10 ways are recommended to avoid while struggling for your personal brand:

  1. If your authenticity is doubtful, your brand cannot get a unique status in the market. Expose the same who you are and what are your goals. Be proud of yourself and don’t follow the competitors thoughtlessly.
  2. The content of your site is a great factor affecting your brand identity. 80/20 rule is the best for it, i.e. share the content of service-based content 20 % and make rest of content informative and inspiring.
  3. It is a great mistake on the part of entrepreneurs that they do not respond to their clients when they send some query. It takes a few seconds, but its after-effects are lasting for building your goodwill.
  4. Your brand should reflect your image, not the irritating and repeated ads. You cannot become all in all, at once. So, believe in “slow but steady wins the race”.
  5. If some customer is not satisfied or of annoying nature, you have to treat him well; do not think that you should get rid of him. Even if he is leaving you, you must convince him politely. If you will be harsh in return, imagine other users who listen to his experience and build a bad image of your brand in their minds because of his negativity.
  6. One of the ways the entrepreneurs undermine their personal brand is that they share each and everything of their business on daily basis. The customer may not be pleased at getting too many emails from you, especially when he is busy or waiting for some particular email and gets yours.
  7. The selection of photos in the image gallery of your business website is also very crucial in building your personal brand. It is highly recommended to use the original photos taken from DSLR camera having clear pixels. People feel that online shopping is risky. Real images can influence them.


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