5 Best Strategies to Encourage Positive Customer Reviews


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Every successful marketer who has been involved in marketing for years very well knows how valuable word-of-mouth is when it comes to generating new business. When your proactive customers hear something good about your products or the opinion of others on your products, it creates a perception and influences their decision-making in a way regular advertising couldn’t.

In today’s digital world, customer reviews are the new word-of-mouth. People very interestingly read them, learn from them, and quite often base their purchasing decisions on them.

Positive reviews of a company’s products or services can spread quickly and lead to explosive sales, while negative reviews can close sales and cause a business to take a step back.

Fortunately, getting good customer reviews isn’t just about offering products and services to the market and expecting the best. There are plenty of methodologies that you can use to make sure your customers are happy and willing to write positive reviews so that others can see them.

Here in this article, we have shared the top 5 strategies to encourage your customers to share positive reviews online.

Provide Great Customer Experience

What if you could put “generate positive reviews” on autopilot? What if you could start your day by seeing happy customers tag you on social media and share their great experiences with your product without being encouraged to do so?

Nothing could make a trader’s day brighter than this. As advertisers, we know the worth of positive client sentiment. And the best way to do that is by providing a great customer experience. But what’s the customer experience?

Customer Experience

Customer experience is when companies track, oversee, and respond accordingly to all customer/business interactions, through customer feedback software, so that companies exceed customer expectations to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

From the above-mentioned lines, we mean to say that to give an extraordinary client experience, you want to ensure you give maximum satisfaction during your clients’ whole process and not just during the purchase stage.

Get Engaged With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is an extraordinary way to get positive reviews. Addressing audience pain points by sharing quality content, engaging in niche conversations, and responding to customer questions in a timely manner all contribute to positive customer feedback – it’s an effective way to drive customer emotions.

Social media can assume an active part here. Hence, to ensure that you have a decent social media strategy in place, here are some of the useful tips:

Try Using Visuals

You must try using visual content because visuals typically have high engagement rates. Images, flipbooks, and videos should have a special place in marketing strategy.

Facebook posts with pictures are said to have 120% greater engagement with their right email address and contact them with mass email services or social media to form part compared to an average text post.

6 out of 10 individuals like to observe online videos than TV. A survey by Biteable shows that 61% of marketers believe that video is an extremely important part of their marketing strategy.

Make Partnerships

Growing in social media without anyone’s help is rather impossible these days. You will have to take advantage of other people’s reach so as to drive more engagement to your content.

You will have to know people who are active in your niche, find out their right email addresses and contact them with mass email services or social media to form partnerships.

You can share others’ content, participate in others’ posts, and recommend others’ products and services if you think they will be useful to your audience.

Some of these people may have a large number of followers or a high degree of participation in their posts. By establishing partnerships with these people, you can increase your participation.

Make a Clear & Interesting Copy

If you do not make a clear and interesting copy, your social media posts could fall flat. Headline copy plays a crucial role here. It is probably the first thing that everyone will notice when they initially look at your post. So, make it interesting as much as possible.

Always speak the language of your audience and make sure you’re sharing what they much like and care about.

Investing time to make your subject line more interesting and eye-catching could go a long way. Therefore, look at some of Buzzfeed’s headlines with the most clicks.

Ask Sincerely

While the first two tactics above are indirect ways to generate positive customer reviews, the next three aim to intentionally increase their effectiveness.

The easiest way to do this seems to be to ask honestly. Here’s how to do it.

Make It Very Easy

In general, it should be easier for customers to write positive reviews. They are often happy to leave positive reviews if it’s as simple as a few clicks.

One method for doing this is to incorporate a social share button at the bottom of your email or message. You can likewise share positive surveys via social media much more easily by adding templates with appropriate tags and hashtags.

For example, MorningBrew includes social sharing buttons with templates that only need a click to be posted on social media. They also have a referral system where they reward subscribers for a certain number of referrals.

Ask for Reviews After Successful Interaction

Not all survey requests have similar end results. It goes without saying that requesting a review after successful interaction with the client can lead to greater success.

These successful interactions can include successfully shipping their products, solving their technical issues, sending out prizes, hosting events like seminars, physical events, live or mixed events, etc.

Events can be considered successful interactions because of their trust, power, and impact on your crowd. You can send them an expert to expand the viability of your ongoing positive surveys, you can reshare them via social media. This email is after one of these conversations asks them to do you a favor and share your positive experiences via social media via social media or review sites.

If you use an automation tool like customer experience software, then the process would be very simple. You simply have to create a workflow containing a simple review request right after a purchase or a few weeks later.

Reshare Your Positive Reviews

To expand the adequacy of your ongoing positive surveys, you can reshare them via social media. This will set an example for other customers to share their experience with your brand as well.

Just check out the specifies via social media and other third-party sites. Take the positive surveys and use them as testimonials on your landing page or in your content calendar.

Third-Party Review Sites

In most of the cases, customers are more likely to leave reviews on third-party websites. It would be great if we could use this potential on social media to get more exposure and create more buzz.

These testimonials and reviews can be shared on social media and other platforms. Moreover, there are a few content distribution software tools (customer feedback software) that can help you a lot in this process.

Reshare & Encourage UGC (User Generated Content)

There’s another kind of positive review that you can reshare frequently on social media and that’s “User Generated Content.” Although such a kind of content will not be considered reviews in the full sense of the word, the positive sentiments they produce will have the same effect.

In general, people trust recommendations from individuals rather than from a brand’s self-serving claims. So, if you are active on social media, you can ignore the value of UGC.

You have to ask questions, and use hashtags to create buzz, run quizzes, or give rewards to encourage UGC. User generated content has the potential to have great engagement and can be shared multiple times.

Reward Customers With Giveways

You have now entered the realm of user-generated content. We encourage our audience to create content that showcases the use of our products and to share positive reviews. To speed up this process, you can organize contests and reward your customers with giveaways.

There are many ways to take advantage of contests and giveaways. Design contests to grow your mailing list, drive traffic to your website, create buzz before your product launches, or encourage user-generated content on social media.

You can even plan a more complex milestone contest that accomplishes all of the above in one go.

Ending Note

Positive reviews have a special effect on your conversion rates. When you use them on social media it increases their effect because of the exposure they get.

Providing an exceptional customer experience and engaging with your audience on social media are two subtle ways to encourage your customers to share positive reviews.

Whereas, sincerely asking them to re-share their positive reviews on third-party sites and holding contests to encourage positive UGC are some of the tactics that require active planning and execution.

Vinod Janapala
Vinod Janapala - Product (SaaS) Marketing & Customer Analytics Lead. Vinod is keen on such topics as Marketing, Customer Experience, SaaS Challenges, and Personal Growth.


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