Why Video Production is So Important For Your Business in 2021


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Video Production Importance by Alex Safavinia

Growing up watching television, you must have seen a lot of ads popping up at breaks between your favorite TV shows. And perhaps, you even may have loved some of them.

But as of now, you must have known, all those things that seemed bells and whistles to your innocent mind were a part of some brand’s marketing strategy to roll you into its conversion funnel. In other words, this is what we call video marketing, and it has been present for as long as we know (unless you have been buddies with Edison).

However, with the recent surge in innovation and resources, the take on video marketing has evolved, and so have the ways of presenting video content. And we dare say, it has done wonders for budding and established companies due to its targeted reach and cost-effectiveness, thanks to the internet.

So if you haven’t given it a thought yet, let us enlighten why video production is essential for your business. Furthermore, why now might be a good time to start thinking about it.

So… start taking notes!

Probably not. In fact, we are seeing even more platforms encouraging video creation due to their ability to drive audiences.

All this information predicts one thing, video production is the future pathway to effective marketing. Unlike wordy posts and conventional ad advertising, videos have a lot of flexibility to appeal to the audience. Moreover, it takes less than 25% of the time you would take to explain a certain product or service in writing. That too, with visuals that are as enjoyable as comprehensive.

However, there’s only one thing that businesses need to keep well in check. And that’s the ever-evolving trends. That said, the future of video production in marketing is promising, subject to the condition that you have a bunch of creative people in your team who understand what the audience is looking for, what can captivate them, and how you can make use of it to increase your leads and conversions.

How to choose the right video production company?

With a huge number of production studios trying to promote their services as the best, it is a pretty arduous job to seal the deal with the right video production company. To make the process a bit easier for you, here are some killer tips you can look up to while finding the best fit:

1. Do the research: As you surf through the websites of different companies, make sure to check everything from top to bottom. It will give you a thorough idea of their creativity, quality, and storytelling abilities. Moreover, if the provided videos revolve around your industry, then that’s a company you should seriously consider.

2. Check Testimonials: it should be, perhaps, the most important factor in your quest for finding the best. Testimonials give a clear idea of whether the company does what they claim and if anyone has obtained results by working with them.

3. See their online activity and industry awareness: As you are most likely going to land on the website of a production company that claims to specialize in video creation for your industry, it’s crucial to monitor their current activity and industry awareness.

For instance, you can check their blog section to see if they have the current trends in check. Moreover, when was their last article published? Do they care about digital presence? These things are pivotal in predicting their approach towards your marketing project. Check the quality of their videos. Be it live-action or video animation.

4. Reach out and analyze: We recommend reaching out to at least two or three companies that you feel are competent to handle your video production. Once you get in touch, analyze which company has the best response time, relevant questions regarding your project, and pricing.

Moreover, see how detailed are their responses or if they provide useful in-depth suggestions as per their experience in the field. A good company won’t say “YES” to everything unless it’s trying to rip you off.

5. Ask questions: Don’t forget to ask as many questions as you can. A detailed conversation will ensure that the project starts on clear and succinct conditions, with minimum complications in the future.

Future of video production in marketing content

Talk of any age, the sole driver of every innovation has been convenience. People are easily attracted to things that deliver maximum value in minimum time. For instance, imagine yourself being given the option to choose between learning a tutorial in written form and video form. Which one would you choose? Yes, we know, it’s the video, because it’s fast, concise, and easily comprehensible.

Luckily, you are not the only one. According to research-based data obtained by Wildmoka from analyzing different marketing strategies of brands, about 65% of the young consumers strongly preferred video, compared to the 49% who preferred social content, posts, and blogs.

Moreover, research from HighQ shows that 69% of business and marketing pros prioritize videos in their marketing strategies and aspire to do so in the future. And since 2017, the percentage has only been increasing, with the average number of videos production per year standing currently at 18-per-company.

Now stop and think for a while! Do you see these numbers ever going down? Especially in an age where social and video sharing platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Tiktok are thriving?

Stats don’t lie!

Not sure of how video production can be useful, perhaps you need to look at the following stats collected by Lemonlight, a renowned video production company that has helped many businesses thrive!

1. Viewers say that they retain more than 95% of the knowledge after watching something in video form.
2. 85% of marketers deem video as an effective way to grab the audience’s attention.
3. 94% of marketers admit that videos have helped them explain their products and services more effectively.
4. 84% of consumers admit that watching brand videos convinced them to buy a product.
5. 84% of marketers say that the use of video increased their leads and conversion.
6. 11.78% of marketers say that video has directly helped them increase their sales.
7. 89% of marketers are doing video marketing on Youtube in 2021.
8. 86% of businesses are now using videos as their primary marketing tool.
9. 99% of marketers who have used video marketing say that they will continue using it.
10. Cisco predicts that about 17% of online traffic will be driven by videos in 2022.

Convincing right?

Why is video important for your business?

Perhaps you may have realized this from the above-given data by now, but let’s not forget that there are many aspects involved in how videos represent your brand. A well-made, engaging video helps your brand develop a personal connection with prospective customers by reflecting on their needs. Dollar Shave Club (with 27 million views by far) is a huge example of how a well-executed video can single-handedly build your business if your product is good enough. Dollar Shave Club

If we move to the specifics, here’s why video is important if you want to level up your online presence:

1. Through an interesting story, it gives a better understanding of your products to the audience, by referring to their daily problems and how it can solve them. This gives them a sense of mutual understanding and helps in trust-building straight away.

2. With powerful marketing strategies and huge social platforms, you have more chances to present it to your targeted audience.

3. It delivers more information in less time, and in a more comprehensible way. This increases the chances of conversion.

4. A powerful script can help you stand out in the crowd.

5. Google goes ga ga over videos. This means, your chances of visibility in search engines become brighter.

Tidbits of getting the most out of video content

Well, if you are just getting started with video production, keeping the following tips in mind will give you a general idea of making videos that ensure high chances of conversion:

1. Use attractive thumbnails: A video is of no use if no one watches it. Therefore it is extremely important to make a thumbnail that can generate clicks. For example, research was conducted on two videos with two different thumbnails, containing two different images. One with a smile and the other without it. The one with a smile generated more leads and eventually increased the conversion rate by 10.7%.

2. Keep it short and entertaining: A video is useless if people close it halfway watching. And that’s why it should be short and entertaining to deliver your message fully. A touch of humor will do wonders.

3. Use it on the landing page: Keeping videos on the landing page seems like a simple thing, yet it has proven to generate converts by 80% on average. Seems like a huge percentage, doesn’t it?

4. Send personalized videos to a targeted audience: One can easily trust people who show some care; your prospect consumers not being an exception. Sending personalized videos through emails to your targeted audience has a great psychological impact, making it easier for people to trust your products and services. Why? Because it gives them the impression that you actually care. Result? More conversions!

Final Words

In this article, we have analyzed from different angles how video production can help you grow your business. Moreover, we threw light on some useful tips that can help you come up with strong content and an effective marketing strategy. We hope you have found this piece helpful. And if you did, don’t be shy from expressing your thoughts in the comment section. We love to see your feedback!

Image credits: Kyle Loftus from Pexels.


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