Why should you make your App Artificially Intelligent?


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Satisfied customers are what drive businesses forward in a successful way. The increasing level of competition in every industry today has made focusing on the convenience of the users the hour of the need.

Technology and everything that comes along with it has been raiding the markets and is transforming the way tasks are performed, or interaction takes place. For quite some time now, Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a great influence on how business is being done.

The use of AI in every industry has made it silently mandatory for organizations to invest in it. But is it really a good decision to indulge in AI? Check out this blog for that!

What does Artificial Intelligence Constitute of? 

Jumping right onto it, there is a reason because of which Artificial Intelligence has been able to cater so much of attention, of both users and developers. Gone are the times when we were dependent on human intelligence to get things done. This is the new age where everything is done in a blink of an eye with a single swipe on the smartphone!

Coming to the connect of AI, what are the aspects that it covers? There are three capabilities:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Natural Language Processing
  3. Machine Vision
  4. Knowledge-context management

When combined, all of the above capabilities together form to give the users a splendid experience on the app. With this blend of technology with innovation, AI is setting to rule the sphere of technology-driven innovations.

The one technology that has successfully raided our lives, for the better is Voice Assistants. Apple’s Siri, or Cortana and the very recent Amazon Alexa, with their ever-present assistance, have majorly conquered the spectrum of the tech-driven world.

These voice assistants help users with anything or any activity that they wish to do on their smartphones. That can range from setting an alarm to checking the temperature. It can also be to ask the assistant to make a call to someone just by telling it to do so, or any other crucial function.

This accuracy in being able to perform any function has made the life of users both simpler and convenient. That gives the whole concept of Artificial Intelligence an edge over the others.

Moreover, other than voice assistants, there are components like smart homes, smartwatches that have transformed the entire way in which you interacted with the surrounding elements around you!

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Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development 

  • Easy way of completing tedious tasks: No matter how big or small an organisation is, there are some tasks that employees need to perform that are point blank exhausting. Thanks to AI based concepts, that burden has been lifted off the shoulders of the person who would have been delegated to perform that task otherwise. Now, this released time gives the developers the freedom to deal with issues that are more crucial.
  • Less scope for errors: Mistakes are bound to happen while performing any task. Without any doubt, humans are prone to make faults, even when they are experts! This makes the mobile apps development companies more vulnerable in front of the competition, without any fault of its own.
    Since AI based machines are totally mechanical, they are accurate and would not commit any mistake. The exact accuracy makes it very useful and extraordinary!
  • Higher efficiency: At times, you might have to face situations where you would have to do the kind of work that takes a lot of time and effort. This prolonged effort can be successfully eliminated with the help of AI-based robots that are programmed in a way that they can perform tasks for long periods of time.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Most of all, the impact of Artificial Intelligence rests largely upon the behaviour of the customers. They are the ones who gear the actual effects of the incorporation of the technology in the way they interact with organisations.
    The best part about Artificial Intelligence is its versatility. The way it can gel into the daily lives of users very easily and transform the way they interact with their surrounding things is a big reason why AI has become so successful. Concepts ranging right from Augmented Reality to travel apps and many others have a huge role to play in easing the life of users!

Relationship between the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence 

To begin with, what really is the Internet of Things? Its basic definition revolves around making the surrounding things in an environment connect with each other. This is so that they can all function on their own.

For eg. Connecting the air conditioner at your home with your smartphone, so that you can monitor and manage the temperature of the AC by your phone itself! That is what IoT does, it makes life easier and more convenient. Now, where does Artificial Intelligence play a role?

The fact is, without Artificial Intelligence, the working of the Internet of Things can not take place. There are a few examples that demonstrate the integrated functioning of AI and IoT. Or actually, the future uses of AI-powered devices with IoT.

  • For security purposes
  • Facial recognition and emotional analysis
  • Accessing devices
  • While both the concepts of AI and IoT are far different from each other. Their intersection in working has proven to give results that have given more convenience to the users than ever!


More than just defeating the human intelligence in coming up with conducting operations successfully, Artificial Intelligence and all the sub-divisions that fall under its umbrella have proven to be a cherry on the top!

AI-based machines have the capacity to influence the functioning of the things around, making the whole process integrated. AI is no longer in its initial stages. It has expanded to a point where its reach is growing every day. And it is still proving to grow further.

It is unfolding not just opportunities that did not even cease to exist some time back. But, are presenting newer and better segments in technology that are aiming to make the lives of both users and app developers easier!

Hemendra Singh
Mr. Hemendra Singh, Managing Director, also the co-founder of The NineHertz is a visionary leader who oversees the corporate direction and successful growth of the Company and its employees, alike. With a career spanning nearly 10 years and a degree in Information Technology, Hemendra is the epitome of the new-age entrepreneurship in the emerging Digital India, who has catapulted The NineHertz to be counted among one of the foremost IT Companies in India.