Top 5 Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development – How to Tackle?


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With the advancement in technology and people totally depending computerized devices, the enterprises to improve their efficiency and productivity are also turning to mobile application development. It has become an important remedy for business operation and process. The enterprise mobile applications can be either customer-facing applications or employee-facing applications, where it focuses on operational improvements and mobile workforce. However, these two conditions project each other to work together. It is also stated that the enterprise mobile applications are about to give tough competition to the consumer applications in the coming years.

Moreover, most of the employees of an organization bring their own devices to the workplace and thus, it becomes necessary to ensure that the mobile applications for enterprises should be established so that the people can visualize the proficiency and productivity via the enterprise. But, the reality is that some of the companies and enterprises don’t have any in-house expertise to source the talent as it is costly and difficult. Herein are the major challenges of Enterprise App Development.

1.API Strategy
Creating an API strategy is the biggest challenge in the development of enterprise applications. APIs are required to power the applications and to do so; one is required to expose the APIs to the business functions. If we take an example of a field service application, you will require an API to allow the employees or users to close the completed appointments or expose the maintenance appointment schedules. It is necessary for the companies to determine whether the APIs are capable of fulfilling the requirements of the applications or not.

Security is one of the most important aspects of any sector and enterprise application development is one of them. The mobile application development requires the same attention and expertise as the mobile-oriented security. Some organizations where the employees are issued with devices can gain more security control than the employees bringing their own devices. On the company issued devises, limits can be set in order to use the device applicably.

3.Platform and User-Interface
Whenever developing an enterprise mobile application, be it customer-facing or employee-facing, it is necessary and recommended to always prefer the native application development. This is because the native application development can reduce the development cost without even affecting the customer-brand relation. Also, it is necessary that the application you developed must give a competition regarding functionality.

4.Managing the Big Data
With the growing information and the amount of data generated day by day, it is becoming a challenging task for the enterprise mobile applications to store that much of data and it is estimated that the amount of data they are handling will become fifty times more by the end of 2020. It is becoming difficult to manage the increasing enterprise data and also has proved to be a costly affair in doing so.

5.Data Encryption
Data encryption is a necessary approach to keep the important and classified data safe from any of the intruders. Also, most of the mobile applications are connected to computers which can be easily accessed, and the users can copy, paste or modify the data to their devices. Encryption provides a way to secure all the essential information from being compromised and stolen.

How to tackle?
Tackling the enterprise mobile application development challenges is not an easy job and requires small and measured steps to achieve it. You can start by developing an application which serves only a single purpose instead of putting all the features and attributes in it. By this, the application can be only used to give solutions to the particular problems. On the other hand, moving everything to the cloud can prove to be a healthy approach as the data management will become a lot easier.


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