The What Why & How of Video Marketing Strategy


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Videos have a certain aura that attracts people. It is the easiness of learning about a brand, product, or service that enables you to engage your audience most effectively. I’m sure you would agree with me when I say that watching videos to learn, explore or spare some time is more preferable to reading out wordy content filled with tons of information, hard vocabulary, and long sentences. Let it be 2D animation, stop-motion, or any other form of animation, the point is that these videos are aimed towards enticing and engaging the audience.

Growing up, we have all must have come across a lot of video marketing commercials which we still remember for their creative ideas, intriguing music and jingles, and a more or less relative story. These commercials were mostly animated which is why we still remember them, and if you can still recall an old commercial it means they have to be the best animation marketing videos. However, in the modern era, the major change observed in the video marketing strategy is that they are more focused on social media platforms.

From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, Video commercials have taken the social media platforms by storm. Research highlights that people watch video commercials on our social media every four out of six mediums and channels. This highlights how crucial it can be to have a video marketing strategy for your business. Additionally, another imperative aspect is the strategic planning of your video marketing strategy.

The end-goal of your video marketing campaign can only be achieved after you’ve thoroughly understood the purpose of creating and promoting video content. Usually, this purpose is to attract your potential customers, improve your recognition and engagement, and generate more revenue.
Yet, it might go all in waste if it is not planned properly, is not based on the most suitable strategy, does not target the right audience, etc. Therefore, I’ve written this article to provide you with all the necessary information about the video marketing strategy you need to know.

Video Marketing Strategy, what is it?

A video marketing strategy basically revolves around the set of concepts and ideas. A marketing professional or team may incorporate a plan promoting their brand, services, or product to the target audience. It involves everything from studying the market density and competitive edge to what your audience prefers and what’s trending. The more you cover, the better your strategy becomes focused on the results. One out of the many studies suggests that video marketing is an integral part of social media strategy for approximately 81% of businesses.

Why Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has undoubtedly become a go-to option for the majority of online consumers and viewers. Being the sole bearer of 80% of the website traffic, creating video commercials based on creativity, innovation, a strong message, and brand recognition has become highly crucial. A well-executed and developed video marketing strategy helps in devising ideas that hold relevance, meaningful message, and originality concerning the brand and target audience.

One major purpose of marketing your brand is to convert your social media viewers into customers. For that, you need to know what attracts your customer the most and what you can do to persuade your audience into buying your product or services. A good marketing plan with detailed strategies and information regarding the marketing opportunities, gaps, and trending video styles would help you answer the questions mentioned above.

Along with a marketing plan, another critical reason why a video marketing strategy is important is that videos have become the most viable and preferred content in the digital world today. Although blogs and images are also effective in sheer effectiveness, videos remain the top priority for people who wish to know more about a company, collaborate with a business, or get a service from any provider. Research suggests that nearly 90% of consumers prefer watching a related video before making any purchasing or collaboration.

The What Why & How of Video Marketing Strategy
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Moving on, let’s take a look at how you can create a marketing strategy that is more aligned towards attracting the most elite audience.

How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy?

Creating a marketing strategy requires a great deal of brainstorming, evaluation, and market analysis. To hit the market and consumers the right way, you must be aware of what’s going on in the market and social media.

As Google highlights, this requires digging deep into all the relevant details about your essential KPIs. Let’s have a detailed look at the how-to of video marketing strategy one by one.

Understanding Your Marketing Goal

Devising a marketing plan is based on the primary goal for every business. While most of it is to generate more sales, it may sometimes also include consumer engagement, brand recognition, delivering information, and so on. Having your primary marketing goal chalked down can help you stay targeted and focused on your ultimate purpose.

Pro Tip: You can always have more than one marketing goal while coming up with a marketing strategy; however, too many of them can put a strain on your marketing campaign.

Evaluating Your target Audience

After you are prioritizing your marketing goal, the next step is to understand and evaluate your target audience. For instance, if you are an app development company, you cannot focus on attracting a chef or a photographer in your marketing strategy.

Similarly, while you evaluate people who might be benefitted from your business and, in turn, improve your professional reputation as well, you filter out people with a greater interest in app development. In addition to this, evaluating the age group, social media and lifestyle preferences, their social and financial status, their interest and choices, etc., comes along with this.

Measuring Your KPIs – Metrics

A marketing strategy does not only cater to planning the ideas and devising the concepts of social media postings and interactions; it also includes calculating your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). How well your content, in this case, videos, has done on social media platforms and among the target audience? Did it produce the expected results? How well did it perform among people? What further can be done to improve?

The answers to all these questions are what you look for while measuring your KPIs. This involves a lot of important aspects to consider, such as evaluating the view counts on your video. Also called reach, helps you evaluate how good your video was in increasing your brand awareness.
Pro tip: every social media platform has a different criterion to mark the view count. Make sure to give it a look while calculating your view counts.

Secondly, it also includes calculating the number of play rates. Play rate is basically the ratio of the number of times the video was played with the number of impressions it received. This also includes calculating the number of times the video was played for its entire length. These metrics indicate the relevance and authenticity of your content

Next, the Conversion rate is another important aspect to look at while evaluating the specificity of your content. This refers to the number of times your viewers did exactly what you expected to do after hitting the Call-to-action button.

On the whole, including videos in your marketing plan is undoubtedly a trending, interesting, and widely growing idea. However, make sure you get done with all of your brainstorming and homework before getting started with it.

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