The Significant Role Social Media Plays For Your Business


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Social media has become one of the most vital things for your brand nowadays. The image you present on your social media page is what becomes your identity—considering that more than 4 billion people are using social media platforms worldwide as per the sources and spend at least 2 hours daily on these platforms. Imagine what it can do for your brand!

Having your brand present on these platforms can help you reach millions of people who are actively using social media platforms. You can market your brand globally and remain in touch with your audience to sustain in this fiercely competitive market. However, social media is more than just reaching your audience; it has a bigger role to play, which we will focus on in today’s blog.

Social Media Has A Lot To Offer. How?

1. Interacting With Your Audience

Although you sell products and inform your audience about the same through various mediums, how often do you interact with them? This is where social media comes into the picture. This platform allows you to genuinely have conversations with them and engage with them with your creative ideas such as polls, quizzes, contests, etc.

Suppose if you are a mocktail syrup brand, and ask them via a poll that they like your raspberry syrup or orange syrup better? Such types of polls tend to engage them and give them a sense of belonging.

Another way is to interact with them by replying to their comments and reposting posts they have tagged you in. You can also show some videos or pictures of employees at work, work in progress, charity activities, etc., to engage them.

2. Content Sourcing

Social media platforms offer you a few ways for content sourcing ideas. One of them is to ask your followers what kind of information they would like to know, for which you can conduct surveys, quizzes, polls, ask them to comment on your posts and a lot more.

Social media listening tools are also a great way to know what users think about your brand or product, giving you a chance to improvise on the same.

Another alternative is to use hashtags or run user-generated campaigns. If your followers post with your hashtag, you can gather several posts to share on your accounts over time.

3. Providing Customer Service

These platforms offer your business a chance to render customer service pre, post, or during purchase. Social media platforms let you direct them, answer questions, and address complaints.

Moreover, frequently offering good customer service allows you to enhance experiences and display your ability to fulfill promises. Below are some ways to deliver a splendid customer experience on social media:

– Instantly handle comments and messages.
– Answer the feedback, good or bad.
– Be clear to customers whether or not you have a solution and how long it will take to get resolved.
– Avoid conflicts with customer online.
– Run campaigns with branded hashtags that motivate interactions
– Say the customer’s name while engaging with them
– Implement helpdesk software to answer FAQs.

4. Increase Traffic

Social media platforms help brands drive more traffic to their eCommerce stores, websites, apps, and blogs. For instance, social media ads such as Instagram and Facebook allow you to easily discover, target and reach your audience. You can run a specific campaign helping your website traffic boost.

Another simple thing to do is post consistently to boost inbound traffic. If you share links to your website, or blog posts, trailers, or videos, you can drive visitors to your website, which will raise your Google ranking as well.

Besides, the quality of your information also matters. You must post quality content to drive traffic to your social media accounts. Include relevant hashtags, respond to your customer’s problems, etc., to boost inbound traffic.

5. Measuring Customer Sentiments

It’s indeed great to receive a lot of comments, tags, and mentions on social media platforms. But what you must ensure is whether these sentiments are positive or not. Below are the reasons why you must run regular sentiment analysis:

– You must understand your audiences’ feelings towards your brand and their expectations.
– Be present and render instant responses when customers address their issues.
– Recognize and extend help to those with problems
– Identify and resolve issues before they turn into a disaster.
– Have an eye on your competitors, and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

6. Increasing Conversions

Social media platforms offer you great opportunities to gather leads and discover people interested in what you offer. But how will these platforms help your drive conversions?

Initiate by optimizing your profile. Give your contact information, use CTAs, and add a link to your bio.

Create attractive CTAs and clickable links; for instance, you can use shoppable stories on Instagram, enable users to shop the look on Pinterest, tag items in Instagram Shop, and more.

The most famous one is to run lead generation ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. This is one of the widely used methods to drive conversions.

7. Improve Your Search Ranking

Did you know that 45% of people worldwide use social networks while searching for products and services info? Hence, it is essential to have an active online presence on these platforms to help the audience discover your brand.

Especially, having an online presence can create your backlinks and enhance your search rankings. For instance, Google displays Pinterest and YouTube results for most search things. Moreover, a social media post that gets numerous comments & shares can boost traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts

The traditional marketing techniques are almost diminishing, especially with the pandemic situation, no one wants to buy newspapers or go out of their home, and so hoardings and posters are also no longer noticed. In this era, what’s the most visible and seen is social media. Having been used by billions actively, you must ensure your brand’s online presence is maintained. If you are a medium to large-scale business, you can afford a digital marketer to handle your social media presence as well.


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