The Role Artificial Intelligence in Improving Customer Experience


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We have all heard or read a lot about artificial intelligence. It is a controversial topic with many fearing that it may result in unemployment for humans. However, the big question is, what is artificial intelligence and what does it entail? Artificial intelligence (AI) is in other terms known as machine intelligence. This intelligence is demonstrated by machines which are programmed to perform tasks that humans would otherwise undertake.

The artificial intelligence history can be traced back to 1956 when it was first introduced as an academic discipline. Over the years, artificial intelligence research has been facing some drawbacks which relate to knowledge, reasoning, perception, and the use of natural language. During my research, I came across companies that are considered the biggest players in AI technology. These companies include Amazon, AlBrain, Anki, Banjo, Apple, CloudsMinds, Facebook, and Google.

However, one major thing I realized is that this technology is starting to replace humans in the business world. According to experts, AI has the potential to boost the economy but also bring a negative effect to humans in the job market. Companies have started relying on this technology when it comes to customer satisfaction, as we will discuss below.

Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

In a recent study conducted by BRP Consulting, it was discovered that in the next three years, there will be a 45% increase in the use of AI by retailers. It is expected that retailers will use the technology to improve customer experience. I also came across a report stating that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled by machines. But there is no need to panic. Even though we are all afraid of machines taking over our work, reports show the global economy will double by 2035 because of AI. Let us discuss why AI is becoming a favorite for many businesses.

Artificial intelligent assistants are perceived to perform sophisticated tasks

Even though we can all agree that no one can understand a human better than another human, specialists agree that machines can perform more sophisticated tasks than a human being. Such can be seen in companies like Amazon which have sought the assistance of AI in dealing with customers. These intelligent assistants help customers in placing orders online. Such superior intelligence has led car manufacturers to consider a different approach when it comes to the production of vehicles. Many of you might have heard about the self-drive car which I came across during my research. These cars are expected to operate without the help of a human and in return, they will decrease the number of road accidents.

AI is faster and more personalized

We all appreciate quick services that will help us save time. However, humans tend to be limited in terms of how many tasks we can handle at a go. But when it comes to AI, this is not a problem. AI technology can perform several tasks for the customer all at the same time.

The use of artificial intelligence enables humans to concentrate on more important tasks

Even though we fear for our future in the job market, AI is still not able to perform some complex tasks that for now can only be performed by humans. The combination of AI and humans can lead to greater customer satisfaction because they have the ability to complement each other.

It can help in storage of data for future purposes

As humans, our minds can accommodate information only up to a certain point. However, with AI, everything is different. Machine intelligence can store a large number of data for a very long time. As a result, customer information is retained therefore improving customer experience.

Creating and sustaining customer relationships

Customers appreciate feeling valued. However, as humans, as much as we try to do the right thing, we are limited up to a certain extent. But this is not the case with AI. This intelligence can use bots which can send SMS or emails to customers making them feel appreciated.

Final Word

The role of artificial intelligence in our society today is still a matter of debate. Some people are excited to see where this technology leads us while some are a bit weary. I can understand both sides because I also find myself feeling unsure of what to expect. Nevertheless, regardless of what we feel, we can all agree that AI has its many advantages. For AI to work effectively, companies need to have a better understanding of their customers. They need to be aware of their customers’ behaviors because AI still relies on human input.


  1. If CSAT through AI can be implemented in a metrics form ensuring the human empathy is not being hurt?

  2. AI does not have any emotional memory equivalent to that of man but the AI field can design machines that can mechanically interpret human emotions without having their own, or interacting with humans by simulating empathy. There are many examples of how AI works by not hurting human emotion. One of them is CSAT.AI. I really love their work style. You can check it out.


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