The Importance Of Mobile Application Development In Digital Marketing


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Marketing is based on knowing your customer’s needs by creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offering that has value for customers and clients.

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that involves the use of electronic device which can be online or offline, digital marketing bring all form of marketing through electronic device it can be on screen (television or electronic billboard) online (through the internet via social media) and offline (through radio).

Digital marketing is used by large and small companies. good digital marketing helps a company to achieve the following:

1. Increase sales

2. increase the number of customers that read your content

3. It also saves cost

4. It can also expand its customer base

5. Engage an online community of users

Top app development companies can achieve these by having a good digital marketing strategy and using the right channel to market its products and services, the channel to choose depends on the choice and size of the company.

Digital marketing Channel (online)

Email Marketing: Under this medium top app development companies collect customers emails addresses and email address of the potential customer and ask for their permission to send them to update regarding business product and services, the message could be daily, weekly or monthly. Email marketing is one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing: business uses different social media platforms to advertise their business it can either be paid ads or organic ads depending on the size of the company. top app development companies should select the most appropriate social media that would suit there targeted audience because they are various type of media and every class of individual has their own preference, the most commonly used media are:

Facebook: different people use Facebook both the young and the aged people, social marketers need to identify their target audience in terms of age, geographical location, religion. you need to study what page and groups you target audience stay frequently on facebook.

Twitter: If you want to introduce a new product or service into the market then Twitter is the best place to be.

LinkedIn: This is strictly for professionals if you want to reach out to CEOs, professionals, and other targeted customers digital marketers should go for LinkedIn you can also advertise your vacancies.

Pinterest: If you want to focus on visuals for promoting a brand Pinterent is the best and it is mostly dominated by women.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is the creation of business information, educational information and other insightful information to attract prospective customers, it is long-term marketing approach which is aimed at distributing relevant and valuable contents to attract and retain prospective customers.

Search engine Optimization: it is a process of getting traffic from the organic search result from search engines, customers use the search engine to look for information about brand, service, and product of companies. digital marketers use major keywords on their contents.

Display Advertising: top app development companies design graphical advertisement of their product or services and place it on the content in their site or they place the graphical designs on different site and use it as a link back to the company site.

Digital Marketing Channel (Offline)

Television marketing: Companies use television commercial as a medium of marketing, they may decide to use a very popular Television station that is viewed by large population or that easily attract views.

Radio Marketing: Advert relating to a company is announced over the radio and it is always targeted to certain class of people

Electronic Billboard: this is a form of television marketing the difference is that electronic billboard is outdoor and place in strategic areas such as high ways, commercial buildings. companies pay for their commercials to be displayed on the billboard.

E-Newspaper/E-Magazines: Companies pay publishers of newspapers or magazines to display their product or the service they render, the contract could be for a day, week or month depending on the agreement between the parties.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Reduced Cost: the cost of developing online digital marketing strategy is low compared with the cost of advertising using television, radios and yellow pages.

Flexibility: digital marketing is more flexible than any other form of marketing because you can easily move from one channel to another with little or no cost incurred.

Viral: Top app development companies Products and services can easily go viral using social media plug-ins on your website. social media, email, SEO and display advert enables your messages to be shared and seen by many people quickly.

Measurable Result: it is easy to measure how many people view your content, you can check the number of views or click at the back end. you can hardly know the number of people that listened to your radio advert or saw you billboard or even watch your television commercials.

Saves Time: The time it will take off a customer to drive to your office to make the purchase is reduced or eliminated, using digital marketing customer just need to click on the product they need and make their orders.

Limitations of Digital Marketing

Limitation of internet access: Digital marketing is highly dependent on the internet, customers without internet or slow internet network might not have access to the information.

The high rate of competitions: When a potential customer searches for a product online, there are too many results that would be displayed, the customers might be confused on which particular product to click on.

Internet marketing campaign can be copied: One of the dangers of the internet is that a particular campaign can be copied by a competitor and since there is no copyright on the campaign necessary action cannot be taken.

Negative feedback can damage the reputation of a company: if feedback mechanism is made public, negative feedback can easily damage the reputation of a company, a single negative comment can destroy a reputation for a long time.

Top app development companies can use digital marketing to achieve their long and short-term goal and objective using the right strategies and digital marketing channels.


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