Oooh Spooky! 10 Scary Customer Experience Statistics


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Exceeding customer expectations is a key success factor in winning businesses (Creating Delighted and Devoted Customers is Characteristic #3 of The 7 Characteristics Of 3D Businesses) and in this incredibly fast paced changing world it’s getting harder to do!

I don’t want to ‘spook’ you, but I thought you might find these ‘scary’ statistics on customer service, customer expectations and customer experiences useful to prompt you to ‘reflect and review’.

They show that customer expectations are ever increasing, and customer demands are getting higher. Add to this, the fact that customer choice is expanding in a world that is becoming ever more transparent, it means that it’s getting tougher.

So, why not get some pumpkin soup heated up and spend a few minutes ‘reflecting’ on what they mean for you and your business? ‘Review’ how you measure up in these areas and ‘(re)focus’ your business on what you’re going to do as a result!

So, here goes…. Hold on to your broomsticks!

1. Only 8% of consumers don’t read online reviews and 80% of customers trust authentic reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Source: Truthfinder

Questions: What do your online reviews look like? When did you last look?

2. 67% of customers believe their enquiry should be answered in less than 5 minutes.

Source: IMImobile Report

Questions: How speedy is your business? Always?

3. 75% of people now expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with brands – be it through social media, mobile, or even in person.

Source: Salesforce

Questions: Are you ‘consistent’? Through EVERY channel?

4. 64% of  consumers expect companies to interact with them without delay.

Source: Salesforce

Questions: Do you? Every time?

5. 42% of complaining customers expect online brands to respond within 60 minutes.

Source: Edison Research

Questions: 60 minutes – do you meet that? Could you beat that?

6. 56% of global consumers say they have higher expectations for customer service now than they had just one year ago.

Source: Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report 

Questions: How good an understanding do you have of your customers’ expectations? Are all your team aware too?

7. This number jumps to 68% for 18 – 34-year-olds.

Source: Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report 

Questions: Got any ‘younger’ customers? Are you ‘geared up’ to handle them?

8. 60% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to a single poor customer service experience.

Source: Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report 

Questions: How ‘equipped’ are your people to spot this? Are they able to ‘deal’ with it? 

9. For every one customer that complains, there are 26 that don’t!

Source: Groove HQ

Questions: How well do you really know what your customers think? How easy are you to complain to?

10. Company leaders think their customer service is better than it is! Consumers rated customer service 17% lower on average than businesses rated their own success in meeting customer needs.

Source: NICE inContact study via Shep Hyken

Questions: How do you measure up? I mean ‘really’ measure up? How can you find out what your customers really think? Hint: Find out!

Please don’t worry  – It’s not all ‘scary’! In fact, it could be an opportunity. Start working on these things and get ahead of your competitors. Although we can’t offer any ‘magic wands’, here are some nice ‘treats’ to help you do that: FREE e-books to help you deal with some of these things!

Just ‘click’ on the images to download them:


Do let us know how you measure up and what you’re going to do to make it all happen!


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