Major Mistakes That You should avoid in 2020 while developing iOS Application


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iOS Application

A successful mobile application is a key to success. A happy business runs with the perfect app. Building a successful mobile app is not an easy task and many business owners make the mistake while developing the app.

An unhealthy app directly affects business reputation. A mobile app can be the goldmine for any business if it is developed with all the criteria fulfilled.

An app can help you with optimizing marketing efforts, revenue generation, market share, and internal business processes.

A business not having any mobile app losses the considerable chunk of probable customers whereas a business having the powerful app makes a large benefit comparatively.

With the mobile app, you can target a new set of customers, a new range of audiences, and the pile up the new resources of income. Building an app is essential but it is not as simple as it seems.

According to the data, there are around 3 million apps in the Google play store and app store.

According to the number of apps, Google play store has the dominating position, owing to the simplicity of the process and less strict criteria, but an iOS app is always favored for its high ROI and the loyal customer list.

There are few criteria to ensure your app stands out in the crowd and offers a competitive edge to the business.

Often businesses make a race to gain a competitive advantage. Not essentially, your business needs an app. A high functioning app might be useless for the status of your business.

Investing over the app and expecting the outcome against the nature of your business is the waste of your time and money. Know the nature of your business and then go for app development.

Developing the mobile application when there is no need indeed is not the right step for your business.

Here are general Mobile app development mistakes, the business makes after hiring iOS developers:

  1. Not enough research
  2. Unrealistic budget
  3. Too much focus on appearance
  4. Don’t Develop a proper marketing strategy

1. Not enough research

Research is the first most step in mobile application development. When you go for app development, first make the requirement analysis.

Prepare the specifications and reveal them while hiring a mobile app developer. This can let you get an exact virtual replica of your business.

2. Unrealistic budget

Setting an unrealistic budget is a heavy mistake. Consult with the mobile app development company and set the right budget.

High budgets can result in the useless expansion of the app whereas the constricted budgets can strangulate the necessary features of the app.

3. Too much focus on appearance

UI and UX are the essential features of the app. However, putting less focus on the functionalities can really penalty you with the wrong product after development. Alongside focus more on customers.

Always remember, the customer is not concerned about what your business is about. In fact, the app is about what you are offering for them. How can you make their work easy?

4. Don’t Develop a proper marketing strategy

A proper marketing strategy is essential for your business app. A full-fledged powerful app can also fail if the proper marketing strategy is not there. Just think about how to pitch your app to your customers and keep them engaged.

Let’s talk about the iOS-specific app development mistakes, which you should avoid in 2020:

Few mistakes really pertain to the iOS app development. These mistakes can really ruin the app’s scope. Hence, it is advisable to not make these mistakes in 2020.

  1. Misunderstanding of Concurrency and Multithreading
  2. Error Handling
  3. Beta Testing
  4. Forceful login
  5. Packing up too many

1. Misunderstanding of Concurrency and Multithreading

Concurrency could be a sharp knife for your programming. Keeping enough care is necessary, but alongside concurrency is a super essential feature, once you know how to use multithreading properly.

You can try to avoid concurrency, but there is hardly any chance that you can make an app without it. Concurrency can have high benefits for the apps.

Almost every application needs to call the web services e.g. for performing the calculation or retrieving database.

When these heavy tasks are performed on the main queue, the app freezes for some time.

Moreover, if the processing takes too long, the iOS app shuts down completely. Moving such tasks to a parallel queue allows users to continue using the app while the operations are being performed. It saves the app from freezing.

Modern iOS devices are offered more than one core. Now, the user does not need to finish the task sequentially.

However, the benefits of concurrency can only be achieved in the case of hard tasks and long operations. Still, understanding the concurrency can help with better app development.

2. Error Handling

A user always wants a smooth functioning. When he hits the button, if he finds the error message, it annoys him and he may proceed again.

However, if the same message popup repetitively, this disappoints the app and he may uninstall your app from his iPhone and look for something more credible.

3. Beta Testing

A custom iOS app development is never a one go plan. When you develop an app and feel the sigh of work completion; Beware, your work is not done yet.

An app must go through beta testing. Believing you have developed the best app is only your overconfidence and lack of market knowledge. The effectiveness of the app can be decided after beta testing.

Not taking the help of beta tester is the biggest mistake you make. Beta testers are the section of the target audience who are not random iPhone users and therefore they can give you constructive feedback for improved of the app.

4. Forceful login

Having the social media login is a common feature for custom iOS app development. However, forcing them to login in a certain way is an annoying task.

From a development point of view, it is a sensitive task, but it is best to leave the decision over users to log in the way the customer wants. Always offer the standard registration feature via email as an option.

5. Packing up too many

Going overboard during the development phase often leads you to encapsulate the app with a huge number of features. An app with the world of unnecessary features can create havoc for the customer.

Always know the purpose of your app in prior and put the requirements on priority, which are used more by customers.

Too many features and cluttered UI can disintegrate the interest of the user, which is harmful to your business. Make one goal, find the problem, and give one solution for the same.

Wrap up

Hiring mobile app developers is not enough and does not relieve you from the overhead of managing the app. In, 2020 iOS is more powerful, so are the demand of apps.

The old methods of development are not compatible with the high-level success ratio. Therefore, developers need to avoid making such mistakes and trust the beta testing for development that is more productive.

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Mobile and Web Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.


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