Invest In Your Team’s Development And They Will Invest In Your Customer’s Development


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I think when people wake up in the morning and they are preparing to come into your place of business, given the option, they would rather be excellent than average or ordinary.

You or your organization screen this talent in your business to ensure that you are getting a highly committed and competent candidate.

It seems pretty logical that if your people aren’t growing, it is pretty much your fault.

There isn’t a lack of motivation in the workforce today. There is a lack of development.

A leader’s primary responsibility is to develop more leaders.

I have a hard question for you.

If I ask your team in private without you there, if you as their coach, leader and direct supervisor are investing in their development, what do you think they would say?

If even one member of your team says, “no, little or not enough” then you are at an extreme competitive disadvantage.

People want to be able to excel.

They want skills that make them more marketable.

When you provide skills that allow your team to create more authentic, more personalized, more flexible interactions not only will they be more engaged, they will be enabled to solve your customer’s problems internally and externally.

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  1. Leading means influencing. When the team is happy about the leadership, a positive chain reaction will be shown. Leaders should engage their team from business planning, data analysis and decision making. Share with them some business intelligence tools, train them, and respect their insights.


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